Energy for a congress in Prague: conference support

Creators of Live was asked to bring energy to a congress in Prague. Energy that would come to fruition in different ways during the congress organized in the beautiful Hilton Prague. This congress took place at the end of August with over 600 participants.

Largely, our client had already arranged and taken care of everything themselves. They had already confirmed the location, the AV suppliers, and most other supplies. To Creators of Live the exciting task to dot the "i's".

And we like to do that with love, interest, respect and above all a mutual success!

The global network of Creators of Live proved itself once again

Our client is based in America and is one of the largest Software specialists. Thankful that they chose Creators of Live. Fortunately, we build on a long and established network, organizing the most beautiful lifelong memories. Also, this time we went full on for this beautiful request; "Would you like to help us with extra energy during our congress in Prague and for the last supplies to dot the "i"?"

A spectacular opening during the congress in Prague

The first step was to facilitate a spectacular opening in Prague. And how could it be, we ask our beautiful ladies for that. But how do we reach them again? Fortunately, our partner has direct contact with them and within 5 minutes this was possible for our client.

The opening lasted only 10 minutes but was one of the highlights during the congress in Prague. Over 600 congress participants were surprised by this spectacular opening. The wonderful electric violinists gave this congress a spectacular opening.

With the permission of our client, we may share with you this video. The management of Femme2Fatale was represented by our loyal partner Eastern Europe Tours!


An energizer for a good cause

Another challenge was to realize an energizer for charity. Creators of Live was tasked with facilitating over 600 toothbrushes, toothpaste, washcloths, tissues, shampoo, and toiletry bags. After a long search and sleuthing within our network, we got in touch with the right partner. Exactly 1 day before the congress, Hilton Prague received all the items to furnish a beautiful toiletry bag.

But what are we going to do with it? At the request of our client, Creators of Live needed the People in Need foundation to receive all 600 toiletry bags. The person in charge of People in Need (Czech Republic) received the toiletry bags and gave a special word of thanks to all participants and our client. Wonderful to participate in a congress that gives something back, because these toiletry bags were later provided to refugees from Ukraine, in Czech Republic.

A special issue? Creators of Live opens doors where other organizing agencies do not!

Are you organizing your event or congress and need extra assistance? Creators of Live opens doors where other organizing agencies do not. That's why we don't shy away from any challenge and do try with every possibility for the ultimate live experience.

We believe that events should not just be organized, but rather for a lifetime of memories. Where goals are realized, a smashing impression is left behind and the passion for organizing in the profession shines through.

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