End of year gift for Agora Network

A token of appreciation for the Agora Network; the inclusion builders. The foundation is committed to diversity and inclusiveness within the large business community in The Netherlands. The theme of diversity and inclusiveness is not a Christmas present or a New Year’s package. After all, not everyone celebrates Christmas and not all cultures celebrate the New Year with New Year’s Eve. The necessary creativity was used to create an appropriate end-of-year gift for the members of the Agora Network. A special review characterized the impact of this assignment.

A special end-of-year gift

The request was for a special end-of-year gift that takes into account the diversity and inclusiveness of the network. Creators of Live came up with a unique concept on behalf of Effective-Assistance. After a thorough initial interview, it soon became clear that the standard drinks package did not cover the load. A drinks package with a sustainable and healthy character had already been done during the many online meetings over the past year. It had to be something tangible, something lasting, with heartwarming thought.

Creativity in collaboration with our creative partners

After the intake with Mirjam van Ierland from Effective-Assistance, Creators of Live started designing various proposals. We sat down with our creative partners. They gave us insight into the possibilities. This is how we came up with a fantastic end-of-year gift, a beautiful package with the theme of warmth and light.

Clientcase_Inclusive gift for the inclusion builders _ end of year gift _ Creators of Live (2).jpg

Warmth and Light; the end-of-year gift

The end-of-year gift was designed with the vision and mission of the Agora Network in mind. A beautiful sustainable plaid with sustainable wind lights. The Agora Network has purple as its main color and this was reflected among the neutral colored materials with a luxurious ribbon and a card with a slight sparkle.

For the design of the card we took the branding video as a starting point. The members of the Agora Network included their personal quote. By expressing these quotes, the branding video of 2021 was made tangible on a luxury card, made of sustainable paper with a beautiful glitter in the print.

A heartwarming review: “For the client Agora Network, I needed a fitting end-of-year gift. Not a standard package but a gift that is appropriate from the organization focused on Diversity & Inclusiveness and fits with the members. Jacco from Creators of Live quickly came up with a proposal, focused on the winter months, which was immediately approved. Together with the personalized card and with additional points of interest in terms of colors, the package was sent out in a timely manner and we have received nothing but great responses.” – Mirjam Van Ierland, Effective-Assistance”

Clientcase_Inclusive gift for the inclusion builders _ end of year gift _ Creators of Live (2).jpg

Sustainability and Inclusiveness

We brought sustainability and inclusiveness together in this project. The inclusion builders from different backgrounds received this unique and special end of year gift. Creators of Live is proud of the result and the heartwarming review. We thank the Agora Network and Effective-Assistance for their trust in the work of Creators of Live.

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