International event or incentive Dubai

Creators of Live draws on the creativity and unprecedented experiences of Jacco Verschoor. Over 15 years of experience in the international hospitality and events industry. Dubai is the center of luxury and exclusivity with a healthy degree of discretion. For our client we developed a special incentive Dubai. An international event that was preceded by an intensive communication process to motivate the team to achieve the set targets. Do it for Dubai!

The original idea of our client

Our client expressed its desire to thank its employees for achieving its goals. An incentive with a special destination was the starting point for about 30 employees. The time frame? 4 days. The stakes: exclusive and high end. The budget? Depending on the targets achieved.

Creators of Live changed the game!

After a thorough intake we decided pretty quickly that the targets had to be realised! We would accompany this with a live communication trajectory. In the run-up to the international event in Dubai, the employees were constantly given a motivating message: “Go the extra mile! Dreams do become reality.” Without giving away the destination but with enough hints, the sales and marketing teams of the client realized the set goals. An exclusive, high end incentive Dubai became a reality.

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Dubai a delight and a must!

Dubai is not really surprising for us as organizers, of course, but it is the destination that makes it possible to completely unpack. A delight and a must! Reward your employees, appreciate your business relations. Dubai is the perfect destination for creating lasting connections and lifelong memories. From stunning shows to exclusive event venues, a host of activities for a social program and 6* service. Nothing but really nothing will be lacking during an incentive Dubai.

Live the dream in 4 days!

The group departed from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport for the Middle East. After a comfortable flight they arrived at Dubai airport, the Marhaba service was already waiting for them to freshen up after the trip, then the team was taken to the limousine service. Everyone had their own room in the luxurious 5* Vida Downtown Boutique Hotel. A personal message, handwritten from the client, was ready in the rooms. “You have made it! Congratulations!” During these days, luxury, extravagance and a pile of special activities were on the program during this incentive Dubai.

Camel polo, city tour Dubai by plane, private luxury desert safari with dinner. Dreams really came true and every participant had a special experience that could be ticked off his/her bucket list.

A special presentation was given by the Managing Director from the Burj Khalifa. The unique achievements of some employees were highlighted and rewarded at a high altitude. The opportunity was taken to reveal the new strategy for the upcoming season. Of course with the corresponding and new targets! Perhaps these targets will once again lead to a mega-success and a special incentive is in the offing? Win-win, in other words!

Succesful Dubai!

Thanks in part to the communication process that preceded it, we were able to choose Dubai as the incentive destination. The employees achieved the predetermined goals and the turnover made it possible to organize this international event in Dubai. What made this incentive especially unique, besides the special activities, was the small details. The handwritten cards, the extra points of attention for everyone’s unique dream and the implementation of a creative program that took every employee into account. A lifelong memory became a reality!

Challenge us and let us exceed every expectation! We will realize the ultimate dream for you.

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