Live social event in Berlin for Siemens

Proud of this great assignment for Siemens. Creators of Live is proud partner of the Simcenter team of Siemens Digital Industries. 

They were part of Realize Live Europe at the Estrel Congress Hotel Berlin. This congress drew attention and was attended by over 1000 participants. Especially for the Simcenter department, Creators of Live was allowed to come up with a unique concept for the Social Event on 1st June 2022.

It became a special evening where it was possible to network among eachother with beautiful entertainment and good catering services. A special work of art became the highlight of the evening.

The biggest challenge; availability

In the preliminary phase, we ran into major challenges. Such as the availability of locations, including the conditions and payments. After much sparring and brainstorming with our client we were able to suggest several beautiful locations. The choice was made for a special evening on a luxury ship on the Spree, in Berlin. Unfortunately, 1 day before our confirmation the shipping company took another assignment. This caused the availability to lapse and we were diverted to another location.

Inspired by Berlin's raw atmosphere!

The social event attracted attention. A raw industrial location on the Spree was chosen. The location became the inspiration for the special social event. Besides that the inside was well taken care of. We were able to present an appropriate entertainment program. The aim of the evening was to provide an optimal networking evening for Simcenter from Siemens and business relations.

A live singer with pianist filled the evening with beautiful ballets and uptempo music. A photobooth was ready for hilarious photos with numerous party props. But the show was stolen by our street artist who added even more sparkle to the evening. They provided a beautiful piece of art inspired by the “kissing men” of the Berlin Wall. The guests were all invited to unleash their own creativity on the canvas. And so a special contemporary work of art was created in which everyone got the chance to add their own input.

All loose elements flowed together in a beautiful live event with the well-known Berlin raw atmosphere. We are proud of the result that we have achieved together thanks to Siemens, Simcenter and our creative partners!

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