Online teambuilding events for Randstad

Last December, unfortunately, it was not possible to organize physical events due to the measures. So it was not possible to really connect with each other again. To get to know each other better, or just to find out what is currently going on among colleagues, we devised interactive online teambuilding events for the international teams of Randstad in collaboration with our creative partners; Race Around The World Festive Edition & Break-Out Bingo Festive Edition. We are proud to mention this wonderful review.

The original request from Randstad

In December, we will be closing in on the 2021 calendar year. In the run-up to the holidays, we would like to get together with our international teams. Physically, is unfortunately not possible due to the measures and complexity from the different countries. Online, is the only possibility. We want to connect, humor, communicate with each other online and have lots of interaction. This involves different teams with some employees working for both teams, so we want different team building games.

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Race Around The World Festive Edition

A unique online team building game where Santa and elves travel around the world. While traveling around the world, the game aims to solve various questions and tasks in order to bring different Christmas gifts to the countries. Race Around The World Festive Edition lets colleagues get out of home isolation by connecting, communicating and above all enjoying themselves in an informal way. Creative thinking and keen research skills are required to solve the questions and tasks. The team with the most points wins the honor and receives a certificate; “thanks to your participation, you give children in India access to an online learning system.”

Really recommend it!

“Both Race Around The World Festive Edition and Break-Out Bingo Festive Edition were incredibly fun to play with our global teams. Jacco from Creators of Live organized it well and he was very flexible when we had to reschedule. He explained the games beforehand so we were well prepared. Really recommend it!” – Yvette Schuthof, Randstad.

Break-Out Bingo Festive Edition

Another online team building event for Randstad that we had the pleasure of organizing. A thorough game explanation took the colleagues quickly through the game. During this game you mainly find out more about each other. No traditional bingo, but personalized questions about your colleagues. For this new team a humorous and informal way to quickly get to know each other. The interaction was high and everyone was looking for the right names of colleagues at the various questions. With this BINGO! the team was strengthened and relationships with each other improved by getting to know each other better personally. Together the colleagues looked for common ground, personal interests, improved communication skills and above all everyone had a lot of ‘digital’ fun!

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Communicating and connecting online

In the period of the coronavirus it is continuously searching for the possibilities within the impossibilities. Creators of Live is therefore proud of the creativity of our team and our partners. In co-creation with Randstad and our creative partners we managed to connect these international teams in an interactive and informal way. Where there was enough room to laugh and emotionally connect with each other!

Would you like to connect with your team online or get to know each other personally in an informal way? We are happy to come and talk to you without any obligations.

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