Opening event: new office building for Eye Wish

A week before the opening, we were called with the request to organize the opening event of the new office building for Eye Wish.  This was to celebrate the coming together of the new parties, Eye Wish, Grand Optical and MPG Eyewear.

The evening had to be completely tailored to the identity of the organization, a delicious yet sustainable choices for the catering and decor. With an extra fun touch for a lasting memory.

What were we waiting for? We went straight to work!

The execution for the opening of the office building would take place within one week. The timeframe made this request extra exciting, especially since we wanted to work as much as possible with local parties and a sustainable decoration. 

We were able to switch quickly with all the creative partners and that same day we already had a fully developed plan with a proposal. It was just a matter of finalizing the comments and remarks. The plan was a “bull’s-eye“.

We are very grateful for the trust Eye Wish put in us and that we were allowed to do the job!

Openingsevent nieuw kantoorpand voor Eye Wish _ Creators of Live (4).jpg

Review from Eye Wish for the opening:

“After a nice contact about the cooking workshop, we called Creators of Live to organize an opening night in a new office building within a week. This included celebrating the start of a new organization by bringing Eye Wish and GrandOptical together with MPG Eyewear.

It had to be an evening with the right decoration by flowers and balloons, with the presence of a good caterer and the possibility of taking relaxed fun pictures by placing a photobooth. 

Creators of Live came within a day with the proposals that were all agreed, so that with a week a successful evening was held. Again, Creators of Live was present during the construction and the start of the evening so that everything went well, the agreements were met. So the colleagues could enjoy a relaxing evening together. The contact was pleasant, a complete and clear script was made and from Creators of Live they were connected until the last moment, even days after the event, for the proper completion.

Many thanks for taking on this organization. We hope to be in touch more often!“

On short notice, a special live experience or an exclusive event?

Although we prefer to have more time for a creative plan, we also accept the challenge organizing an live experience or an exclusive event at short notice. We think along for an appropriate interpretation of the wishes of our client. The event is always organized in consultation, so we run through our Event Experience Design approach at a fast pace.

In this way we still manage to exceed the expectations of your guests. Together we dive into an intensive process in which we offer guests a unique live experience in no time.

Let’s see if we are a match? Let us know! 

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