Event or incentive in Venice.

Creators of Live is a creative consulting and organizing agency for live communication and live events. Exclusive, high end in all event design for a lasting live experience. A surprising destination within the budget, was the question. We went far and deep, because don’t underestimate Venice. The interplay of different modes of transportation; by coach, cab, boat, and gondola, made it a gigantic challenge.

The client's request

Develop a special training course in which our attendee’s can also obtain their accreditation points. Budget? Yes, decisive for the destination. Number of participants? 50. Duration? 3 days. The message or the goal? To connect, learn and strengthen each other. Result: a special international event in Venice and its surroundings where connection and emotion were central. All senses were activated and stimulated.

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Creators of Live played into the impossibilities!

When determining the budget, the location was also considered. Venice, would be an ultimate dream, but will it work? We decided to turn the destination around and look at the possibilities of staying outside of Venice in an atmospheric ambience. The advantage was that the surprise of the destination was enhanced and thus the experience among the guests was even more intense.

Various wines, gondolas and moving opera

Venice, who doesn’t know this special city? A maze of transportation options by train, coach, water cab, canal boat, gondolas or simply walking. Because of the number of possibilities, this was also the challenge. The canals that run straight through Venice and the many waterways also make it difficult to get from place to place.

There was no shortage of activities during the social program. An exclusive opera in the middle of an old monastery in the center of Venice was the highlight of this international refresher course. The atmosphere was already good at the start when the guests were surprised with an exclusive dinner at an Italian wine chateau, with large candelabras and a warm welcome from the owners.

Throughout the trip, communication was completely personalized. A business card with the schedule was provided. Each participant received a personalized booklet with information about the destination, the invitees, important phone numbers and the program. In this way, every participant experienced the special highlights of this international event. The booklet is still kept in the offices of the participants.

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The success was sealed!

In retrospect, this in-service training in Venice was a huge success. The participants combined the useful with the pleasant. Each participant earned their accreditation points, experienced a uniquely diverse 3-day event full of emotion and experience.

The success was made measurable, as various participants made new commitments to each other. Thus, collaborations were created and participants trusted each other for knowledge exchange. A change that contributes to life!

Tangible and sustainable connections

The booklet made this international event tangible. At the end of the in-service training in Venice, many kept the booklet. A tangible and lifelong memory. New commitments were made; lasting connections.

The combination of these aspects resulted in a gigantic win-win situation for all. Your international event an absolute win-win situation? Inform about our possibilities.

A challenging international event for you and your participants? Combining the useful with the pleasant? Innovative collaborations and connections? Creators of Live makes it possible!

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