Training Event in Madrid

For its clients, Creators of Live organized a unique training event in Madrid. During this training event, exclusive locations became the stage for these special meetings, short breakouts, and a varied social program.

The destination Madrid was chosen from a preselection of 5 different destinations. Travel times were a key consideration here. When weighing up the options, Madrid turned out to be the most logical destination.

The training event was organized for about 60 participants in gracious Madrid, where we did not walk the beaten path. The creative and alternative Madrid became the destination since it was suspected that many guests had probably been to Madrid before.

Creative and Alternative Madrid

Creators of Live has a large and established quality network, thanks to the network we can safely say that global event management is one of our specialties. It always gives a special satisfaction when an event is successfully organized abroad, not only the language barrier but also the cultural differences often make this extra difficult.

Fortunately, we are no strangers to Madrid, and after careful consideration, a special event for our client was finally created. Just before the event was to take place in Madrid, we still had to step in. The event book and the arrangements had been fine-tuned, but the crowds at Schiphol Airport made the flight impossible. An alternative flight was chosen. Fortunately, we were able to anticipate this, so that our client was still able to hold the entire event in Madrid.

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Authenticity and creativity came together.

During the training event, we aimed to bring together the authentic with the creative of Madrid. For example, an opening was organized in cocktail bar Museo Chicote, just after arriving in Madrid where also the check-in went quickly. The guests stayed at the beautiful and centrally located Catalonia Gran Via Hotel.

The next day the first meetings were already scheduled in the early morning. A nice program of substantive speakers had been provided by our client. Our event manager oversaw the coordination and, whether all facets discussed were delivered as intended. In the evening an authentic evening Madrid was planned, where the company was surprised by Spanish Guitarists during dinner.

The next day, meetings were held in the morning at the Catalonia Gran Via and continued in the afternoon at a special private location in Salamanca. The venue was rented exclusively by us and we brought in the various parties such as, audio-visual technology, florist, caterer, entertainment and hostesses. A lunch was provided as the reception and it was accompanied by a Cajon player and a Spanish guitarist. This classic and fairy-tale venue is located on the Jorge Juan in the middle of the affluent neighborhood.

The evening ended on one of the many rooftops the city has. With a phenomenal view of Madrid. A standing cocktail dinner was provided here where the delicious tapas were served.


Thanks to our great collaboration with Creators of Live we’ve managed to organize a very attractive training event for our participants. Throughout the whole preparation phase, we’ve felt very much supported by Jacco, who was always willing to participate in event meetings and who is especially skilled in dealing with unforeseen problems along the way. Especially the cancellation of the flight back only one month before event date was quite stressful and we feared we had to cancel the whole event. Jacco managed to arrange another return flight for the whole group and made creative suggestions as to reorganize the training program, as well as the social program.

Madrid turned out to be an amazing destination for hosting this training event. The hotel was situated in a beautiful area of the city and we’ve been taken to many memorable sites, like a famous cocktail bar, an ancient monumental building where we held one of the meetings and the rooftop bar we visited the last evening for a cocktail diner and party was the definitely the icing on the cake!

For live events & live communication

Creators of Live organizes and creates extraordinary live events and live communications with its partners. Thus, we design the Event Experience Design and consider all facets. For this training event, it was about not following the beaten path but doing everything just a little differently than usual.

A lifetime memory came about. This training event of 4 days in Madrid had the focus on its guests, strong meetings, and discussions, connecting with each other after 2 years of absence and above all enjoying beautiful locations that showed all corners of Madrid in a surprising way.

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