Private dining event during King's Day in Amsterdam.

Creators of Live advises and organizes exclusive, high end events internationally. We organized a special Private Dining for a special client from the pharmaceutical sector during King’s Day in Amsterdam, as part of an international meeting in Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam.

We faced quite a challenge, private dining during one of the busiest days in Amsterdam. With King’s Day Amsterdam is enormously busy, nationally and internationally the capital of the Netherlands attracts huge numbers of visitors. After 2 years under the spell of the pandemic, Amsterdam was extremely busy this year.

The request and the challenge!

Our pharmaceutical client approached our DMC brand Creators of The Netherlands. The challenge a private dining, a small budget and also good transfers. The capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is extremely busy during Kings Day (April 27, 2022). 2 years of pandemic made the celebration for the King’s birthday not possible. This spring it was allowed again and the event was a big success. Creators of Live faced the challenges of availability, accessibility and budget.

An intensive collaboration.

We entered into an intensive collaboration with the client. Although the request was fairly straightforward, the challenges made it difficult to bring it to a success! Fortunately, Creators of Live DMC The Netherlands relies on a strong and qualitative network of creative partners.

Since the pandemic, we experience many last-minute requests. This limits us in our preparation. We stand for well thought out concepts and strong experiences. When the client came to us, there was only 1.5 weeks to go. This led us to dive into an intensive cooperation process with the client to make the experience as optimal as possible and to cash in on the wishes.

During King’s Day, the availability of private dining was extremely difficult. Also considering the fact that a small budget was given by our client. A small budget, with the desire for a luxurious look and delicious food. So we went looking for the pearl of our capital city. At the same time came the challenge of the transfers, because during Koningsdag the center of Amsterdam is not accessible by car or coach.

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The needle in the haystack was found.

After a creative search, the needle in the haystack was found. Our special partner, Restaurant Café van Puffelen, made this private dining into a special evening. The transfers were arranged and thanks to the location of Restaurant Café van Puffelen the transfers were almost at the door, only 250 meters away from the pick-up and drop-off location. The fusion of this business dinner with the celebration of the King’s Day promised the guarantee of a special Amsterdam experience.


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Creators of Live is strongly represented in The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Again and again it is our calling to change the game from the original challenge, so that every event is successful and that you had not expected before! Live experiences that exceed expectations and where we also take into account delicious details that excite your emotions.

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