Our approach

As a creative consultancy and organization agency we would like to get to know you better. This enables us to listen to your (brand) story. What is important to you and your organization? There are plenty of events we like to organize, but what fits your needs?

We are happy to listen to any brand or organization and bring your story to life through live communication and live events. Creators of Live builds on the expertise of Jacco Verschoor who has over 15 years of experience in various organizations in the international hospitality & event industry.

We work from a passion to connect people, stimulate senses, release emotions, and thereby organize lifelong memories. That is our motivation, and we do this according to our creative, exclusive and hospitable way of working.

Ask us your question, we will provide the answer!

1) Let's start at the beginning, an introduction. We like to get to know you and your story. What is going on with you? Is there a question? Where can we support you? How would you like to see it yourself? Are we free to develop and invent? What does your brand or organization stand for?

2) Your story will touch us. Getting to know you, your organization or brand will touch us. We are happy to get to work for you. You will receive an initial outline from us. In it we tell you how we think we can work together.

3) Are we on the right track? Do you agree with our first step? Then we will work it out into a plan. A plan to bring your story to life. Where we set out to create lifelong memories.

4) Have we touched you? Have we touched you with our plan? Are you as excited as we are? If so, then get your teeth into it. Because of our creative, exclusive, and hospitable way of working, we also like to have an intensive collaboration. In this we continuously reflect the steps taken, so that we can avoid false expectations. As we love to be transparent.

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Creative advice and organization agency

Creators of Live is a consultancy and organization agency for events with the world as a backdrop. We stand for live communication and live events from the Netherlands to the most exotic destinations and in between. A full-service organization agency for (brand) experiences, incentives, meetings, conferences, and events. We work according to our own creative, exclusive and above all hospitable method from our core values: love, interest, respect, and success. We exceed expectations and let stories live!

We create live!

Ready for a pleasant and fun cooperation? Let this be the beginning of a long-term relationship. That is our approach. The possibilities are endless and boundless, that's why we like to get to know you. Let's start at the beginning.


Inspired? Interested? Awakened? Wondering what we can do for you? Would you like to organize a special live event? Can we make your story come to life? Want to spar or get acquainted? Contact us or schedule an appointment. We hope to speak with you soon.