The creative event-partner network!

Creators of Live is a consultancy and organization agency for events with the world as a backdrop. We stand for live communication and live events from the Netherlands to the most exotic destinations and in between. A full-service organization agency for (brand) experiences, incentives, meetings, conferences, and events.

To realize the Global Event Management always the best for our clients we work with a strong team of several partners, from hotels to venues from convention bureaus to entertainment and AV suppliers. All these partners do their part for that exclusive lifetime memory. Together we make stories come to live!

Thanks to our experience of over 15 years at several companies in the Event & Hospitality industry, we know the roads and work with a great network. Proud and grateful to our special partners, because together we realize the beautiful assignments of our clients repeatedly, worldwide.

Our creative event partners:

CLC-Vecta. The trade association for Live Communication! From knowledge enrichment, connections, and legal expertise Creators of Live decided to become a member of the most prestigious trade association in the event industry in the Netherlands. From this position it is possible for Creators of Live to move flexibly and continuously bring supply and demand together.

Executive-Assistance. Together with Executive-Assistance we provide special live events. We support the secretary, personal assistant, and executive assistant to organize special meetings, workshops, lectures, presentations and various business events.

Masters HQ. Masters HQ's exclusive and special network is all about exclusivity, high performance, and luxury. Creators of Live is associated with them to perform at top level thanks to this network. We inspire, connect and network to create cross-fertilization between client and creative partners.

MPI. Meeting Professionals International has its own chapter in the Netherlands. We are affiliated with the Dutch chapter as well as globally. Thus we were allowed to participate in various international & national meetings of this fine trade association.

Our creative event partners; worldwide:

Global Event Mates. The best is yet to come in the open and online network of Global Event Mates. They represent specialist event agencies with each carefully selected for their knowledge and exceptional results. Creators of Live is a member out of the idea of connecting on a global level.

Global DMC Partners. A global network of creative and quality event agencies each with his, her specialty in his/her country. Through the accurate and thorough selection process of Global DMC Partners, we build on a strong and trusted network. At the same time, they present our brands Creators of The Netherlands, Creators of Belgium, Creators of Luxembourg and Creators of The Gambia.

Evintra. A large and global online network where partners and suppliers are screened on a high quality level before they are presented in the network. Thereby there is an intensive cooperation with Creators of The Netherlands, Creators of Belgium, Creators of Luxembourg and Creators of The Gambia.

World of DMCs. A global partner network with a very high-quality level for specialty and organization of a range a DMCs (Destination Management Companies). We exchange knowledge and experiences, and Creators of The Netherlands is represented on their website.

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Our ultimate creative event partners:

The ultimate network does not exist, therefore Creators of Live is continuously networking, learning for new knowledge and skills in the world of Global Event Management. It is important to us that our core values: love, respect, interest and success can be reflected in all our concepts and event design plans. We do this to achieve the absolute sustainable and inclusive experience.

From these thoughts, we continue to discover new creative partners and innovative opportunities in the constantly changing world. In order to always exceed the expectations of our clients.

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Wondering what we and our event-partners can do for you?

Is your curiosity aroused? Are you curious what our creative event-partners can do for you? Do you want to know how Creators of Live can work for you? And would you like to bring your stories to life through unique events?

We like to use our partners for the success of your live event or live communication internally or externally for your organization or brand. Together we will work towards a successful event and a lifelong memory, before we get here there will be an intensive collaboration. This way we know how to exceed expectations and develop a highly creative Event Design plan. And during this process we make conscious choices for a sustainable and inclusive experience.

Let us start at the beginning? An introduction.


Inspired? Interested? Awakened? Wondering what we can do for you? Would you like to organize a special live event? Can we make your story come to life? Want to spar or get acquainted? Contact us or schedule an appointment. We hope to speak with you soon.