Jubilee weekend: that deserves to be celebrated.

Organizing an anniversary weekend or anniversary party because your company exists for so many years? You celebrate an anniversary to bond employees and/or relations with your organization or to thank them for their efforts. Your organization has existed for 10, 25, 50 or 75 years? Whatever special age it may be, it should certainly be celebrated.

Creators of Live is a creative consultancy and organization agency for live communication and live events. We do this both in the Netherlands, to exotic destinations and in between. With our exclusive, hospitable, and highly creative approach, we make every event a lasting memory, exceeding expectations.

Aandacht, creativiteit en waardering!

Attention, creativity, and appreciation!

The anniversary weekend may be organized to celebrate the special age of your company or organization. We understand like no other that attention, creativity, and appreciation may be central here. The goal? A lasting memory, where expectations of the participants are exceeded.

Organizing an anniversary weekend is fun, but it also definitely comes with risks. There are an unprecedented number of details to consider. You can confidently leave the creation, organization, and production of the anniversary weekend to Creators of Live.

We will make sure it will also be a party for the organizers from your company!

Where and how do we organize the anniversary weekend?

You want to organize the anniversary weekend, but where do you start and how long in advance? You start the moment you get the executive briefing. That is the go-ahead to engage a partner. Creators of Live will make it a party, because together with you, an intensive process will emerge to maximize the anniversary weekend.

Stretch the anniversary weekend. We always advise you to communicate bullets and highlights frequently. The anniversary weekend is not just fun, but an ideal spin-off for future goals in achieving business results. We think with you in the live communication process leading up to your anniversary weekend.

We also advise on the organization of the anniversary weekend and consider all facets. What is important within the identity of your organization? What are the interests of your employees and/or relations? Can it be 'different than usual' or do we keep it solid? Which once-in-a-lifetime experiences are we going to apply? How do we connect the guests even more strongly to the organization? Are there guests who should be put in the spotlight?

When organizing the anniversary weekend, we take all facets into account and try to make the experience as unique as possible for everyone. A lasting memory, where expectations are exceeded!

Inspiration for the anniversary weekend or anniversary party?

Creators of Live travels all over the world and meets diverse cultures. We bring the creativity and influences of these places and cultures together in our creative Event Experience Design plans. This way you are guaranteed a unique anniversary party and a special anniversary weekend.

It is essential for us to always evaluate together after organizing a fantastic anniversary party and an anniversary weekend. We strive for the perfect organization with an outstanding added value for your organization, has it succeeded? Then we are over the moon!

Curious about the possibilities and our inspiration? Discover our creative event experience design plans for your anniversary party or anniversary weekend. Start with a no-obligation introduction.

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