Annual and quarterly summit meetings

Organize an annual or quarterly summit meeting for senior management or the board? A summit meeting is determined by the guests and stakeholders present, the content is determined by various issues in senior management and the board.

We are happy to organize a summit meeting for our corporate clients. We know better than anyone that discretion and confidentiality are essential. Creators of Live organized several summits for her clients complemented with unique team building and private dinners.

Details and attention for a top meeting.

A top meeting is not only about the content, the message, and the participants. With that comes flawless organization. The summit is the senior management or board, usually of a multinational organization. They meet at a destination that compliments the content of the program. From the content, the summit is organized.

Attention and an eye for detail then come together, because the stakeholders are of unprecedented value for the right result during a summit. Creators of Live has an appropriate interpretation for this and a very accurate, hospitable, and exclusive plan of action to make this a success.

The international character of a summit meeting.

When the top of an organization comes together, it often means that the summit meeting has an international character. The guests come from different countries from different offices of the organization. During a summit meeting, quarterly figures are discussed, steering for the next quarter and various actions emerge from it for the future.

Due to the travel movements of the international stakeholders, a good hotel, unique meeting location, exclusive team building and outstanding private dinners are special ingredients. Through the personal attention and attention to detail of the event agency, we thus unburden the facilitator of the organization. Thus, Creators of Live will respond to the exclusive experience for its guests.

Kick-off summit meeting, quarterly meeting or summit?

The message, the goal and the desired result are important for a creative proposal of your summit. Whether it is a quarterly summit meeting, kick-off summit meeting or just an annual summit meeting. Creators of Live has an eye for detail to ensure a flawless organization of the summit.

Curious about our creativity? A suitable proposal for your summit? Sparring about the possibilities?

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