Brand activation & product launch: unique, creative, unforgettable!

From the right invitees to a clear message and from the unique details to sustainable added value. Creators of Live is the creative consultancy and organization agency that turns your target group into lifelong fans during a brand activation or product launch. Your brand or product deserves a golden kick-off!

From attention to activation

Simply getting the attention of your target group is not enough. Activating relations, employees or potential customers is essential when introducing a new brand or product. During a brand activation or product launch you connect them and turn them into true fans. Ambassadorship for your new brand or product is within reach, provided you approach it creatively and uniquely. Or have it managed!

Creators of Live is your business partner for unique events with sustainable added value for the brand or product, the target group, and the environment. Shall we make sure that your activation or launch will be remembered for life and inspire to action?

The way to your unique brand activation or product launch

Prepare and fire away. During an inspiration session we will ask all your questions. Among other things, we are curious about: The story behind your brand or product. The innovative and sustainable added value. Your target group and invited guests. The needs of your brand or organization, but also the needs of your relations, dealers, and employees.

From here the creative process starts we work from an idea to an Event Experience Design plan, add a unique live communication mix and pop step by step to your exclusive (brand) activation or (product) launch. Live! Only attention is not enough, therefore nothing should be lacking. We always go the extra mile and provide sustainable added value that turns your target group into lifelong fans.

We are not afraid of national borders

With a creative and exclusive network of cooperation partners in the Netherlands, Europe, and distant destinations, we are always able to connect the right partners to your brand activation or product launch. Where is your target audience, what atmosphere is indispensable, what suits your brand or product? Creators of Live has everything to bring your brand or product to life at any destination!

We have already organized a clothing presentation on Mallorca, developed a hairdressing show in Antwerp. And we released a limited edition in Le Marais, Paris. We also presented a new product line of our client to its dealers in Brussels. And last year we got to add a launch of a new clothing line in Amsterdam for a well-known clothing brand. So, challenge us! We are going for the fans.

What is the story behind your new brand or product?

At the very idea, it piques our curiosity. What is the story behind your unique brand or product? Tell us and we will take you through our creative, hospitable, and accurate process. We work towards an exclusive Event Experience Design plan and set in motion a unique Live communication mix.

From an exploratory conversation to an advisory path to the perfect organization of your brand activation or product launch. We do this out of love, interest, respect, and success. And what about you? You stay actively involved, because only by top cooperation between client and partners we realize the real fans with a stunning experience!

Tell us your story.



Inspired? Interested? Awakened? Wondering what we can do for you? Would you like to organize a special live event? Can we make your story come to life? Want to spar or get acquainted? Contact us or schedule an appointment. We hope to speak with you soon.