Congress Organization

Share new knowledge, create awareness around a theme or connect relationships. Conference organization is the answer to many issues but asks a lot of an event manager or working group. How can you be sure you can check off your goals after the conference? By going for a win-win-win situation. Creators of Live for the win(s): exclusive and always effective.

Live communication and impactful organization

Support, connection, activation, live communication, creativity and impactful organization for your congress and exhibitions. Often what within a working group or corporate event manager glass is clear, but do you know how? How do you go into real depth with your target audience? How do you create genuine communication with impact? How do you keep the message clear? How do you turn support into activation? How do you turn your target group into fans or ambassadors? How will your conference result in an absolute win-win-win situation? Meet our team and find out more about our capabilities to support you in organizing your conference.

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We turn every target group into fans or ambassadors

Creators of Live is your advisor and organizer of a unique conference. From the right live communication to activation of the target group. The highest level of creativity results in the ultimate impact for the participants. Whether this involves knowledge transfer, a new proposition, profiling yourself as a specialist within your industry or educating and training your target group. We keep the desired result in sight and work towards it. We offer you that absolute win-win-win situation, always through top collaborations between clients and our exclusive partners.

Substantive and practical: from advice to remarkable success

As a content partner, we think along, advise, and create effective communication before, during and after your conference. We not only delve into the message but are also curious about the target group and organization. That is fundamental information to guarantee added value. Fundamental information to exceed expectations.

In practical terms, we are your partner for following up and processing registrations, providing badges and the complete planning of your congress at home or abroad. Afterwards, we will be there to measure the results and celebrate the successes.

Win-win-win situation for your congress

Our creativity, accurate and hospitable approach in the way we work is in the sincere desire to connect the participants with your company, organization, or institution. And through this we strive to realize the absolute added value within the working group or with the event department. By daring to turn ideas into concrete plans, we realize unprecedented win-win-win situations for our clients:

  1. For the organization: We turn your target group and supporters into fans or ambassadors.
  2. For the life of every invitee, through sincere communication and a pure message.
  3. For a lasting experience and a lifelong memory; by achieving support and involvement among all stakeholders.

We will go far for your congress organization! Will you join us?

For every congress organization, we go far and to the limit. By thinking beyond all national borders or impossibilities. By delving into the DNA of your organization or associations; the message and needs of your target audience. Together with our exclusive partners and together with you, we start the creative and effective process towards your unique congress, exceeding the expectations of the guests!

We go to the extreme. Will you take us with you?


Inspired? Interested? Awakened? Wondering what we can do for you? Would you like to organize a special live event? Can we make your story come to life? Want to spar or get acquainted? Contact us or schedule an appointment. We hope to speak with you soon.