Seminar: sharing knowledge and expertise.

When organizing a congress, knowledge event and especially a seminar, it shares expertise in a field or on a particular subject. When organizing a congress or seminar, we take our time, because many partners and suppliers are involved. Did you know that a good organization easily involves 12 months of preparation time?

You organize a Seminar for a large audience. You want to inspire the participant, encourage a change in behavior or provide them with knowledge. The invitees are often many participants. And to then realize the right organization, many partners and suppliers are involved. Creators of Live builds on a network of partners with over 15 years of experience within the international hospitality and events industry.

What do you take into account with a seminar?

A good organization of a seminar also involves the expertise of a conference organizer. You also focus on the visitor experience, the live communication tools surrounding the knowledge event and the theme. In recent years, technology has realized an important addition in the conference and seminar world. For example, hybrid and online meetings are a godsend to reduce travel movements and make your congress or seminar even more accessible. This therefore results in an even larger audience.

Previously, a seminar or congress was the perfect time to interact live. This allowed us to look each other in the eye and resulted in effective knowledge transfer. With the advent of technology, we also see participants participating online much more often. How do you keep the online visitor engaged and capitalize on the live audience?

To attract physical participants to your seminar, a powerful program and total experience has become even more important. Organize a knowledge event with the ultimate added value for every participant!

Organizing a seminar or conference?

Besides a good preparation time long enough to arrange and brief all suppliers, it is also important to think about the live communication trajectory. The house style and slogan of your congress and through which media do you best address your target group?

In the concept development we think about the seminar or congress experience. Here we make a match between the objectives, the message, the desired outcome and on the other hand the audience, participants, and stakeholders. Does this match? Then we delve into the experience. Because whoever thought that a large hall with chairs is enough, they will not get away with it anymore!

The power of the experience

The power of experience is in the stimulation of the senses, which trigger emotions. Because of those emotions, our brain manages the transfer of knowledge much more easily. We then organize a seminar or conference from the experience, the journey your participant goes through. What happens to the participant? What steps does the participant have to go through? Where does the participant's interest lie? What experience fits within the theme or message of your knowledge event? How do you touch everyone in the general audience? And at what point do you apply catering, entertainment, decoration, and especially additional experience? Organize from the frequent conference attendee's point of view and make your seminar or conference an ultimate experience.

From topic to emotion during your seminar

"The seminar not to be missed" is related to stimulating the senses, inciting emotions, and achieving results. We build from the message to emotion to experience. Creators of Live stands for live experiences and live communication, worldwide. A world of exclusive partners is at your disposal to ensure the ultimate experience for your participant.

Through the experience we turn your participants into ambassadors and give the seminar that absolute added value. Wondering how we do this? Would you like to spar about your seminar? The journey to the ultimate seminar experience starts with an introduction.

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