Symposium: a scientific meeting.

A symposium is often a meeting with many participants. Many times, a symposium is organized in the medical, scientific, and political environment. During a symposium, knowledge and information on a specific topic is shared with the audience.

In recent years, a symposium developed partly due to the latest technology, think of hybrid and online facilities that are often added nowadays. Thanks to the addition of online facilities, we are seeing many more hybrid symposia being organized post-corona! This save travelling delegates and therefore can be a more sustainable interpretation.

How do you organize a symposium? And what is it really?

A symposium is also known as a congress, meeting, or conference. If you add several presentation rooms where partners can present their product or service, it becomes a combination with an exhibition. Importantly a symposium is in many cases a scientific meeting.

Organizing a symposium is not much different from organizing a conference. Think of the location, decoration, AV, participant registration, security, crowd management. Where it does differ is in the speaker, this is often the researcher(s) or expert(s) on the topic. The expert as speaker can be tricky, he/she may have no experience with speaking and will need to be trained in various stages. In doing so, the trick is to convey the topic in an interesting and engaging way. In this way, we recommend not only having the research speak but also the experience expert. So that you get a courteous discussion and substantive conversation during the presentation.

The chairman of the day for an interactive symposium

At the same time, an interesting chairman of the day can break the ice between the expert or researcher and the audience. In an interview format, you make presentations much more interactive. Also, applying images, video a case studies is a widely used medium to keep participants captivated.

We also see that not only a chairperson of the day contributes to an interactive and engaging symposium. Applying entertainment for a spectacular opening adds to the energy of the audience. Surprise elements throughout the symposium keeps participants on their toes. Be careful with this, however, because certain entertainment or surprise elements that do not fit the topic create confusion.

You organize a symposium with a specialist

To take the symposium to the next level, to be able to influence the behavior of the participants and at the same time achieve results, it is advised to use an agency. At the same time, here as an event manager or working group you have control over your guests / participants and always an event agency advising you to take the right steps for the perfect organization. With a symposium there are many things to consider, this can not only be time consuming, but there is also a chance that you will forget some things. Creators of Live turns many types of events into an unprecedented success. And live does not just stand for the event, but for the experience: a symposium that leads to a lasting memory, in other words.

Keep your audience triggered and organize a unique symposium

What is the objective of your symposium? Who are the invitees? Where will the symposium be organized, in the Netherlands or abroad? Can you split the target audience and present more targeted content to them? What does the corporate identity look like? What slogan fits the message? Keep sounding boards and keep all stakeholders on board. Develop an Event Design plan and spar with stakeholders from start to finish.

For a symposium, consider a time plan of about 8 - 6 months for the actual organization. Creators of Live specializes in advising and organizing small and large-scale live events with the accompanying live communication. Wondering how we transform your symposium into a lifetime memory? Then let's get acquainted.

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