Conference, Seminar and Symposium

Organizing a conference, seminar, or symposium in Belgium. When organizing such an event, the big cities such as Antwerp, Brussels or Liege are often chosen. Of course, we also know the special possibilities in Ostend, Bruges, Ghent or Namur.

Creators of Belgium advises and organizes numerous events for local and international clients. With Creators of Belgium, we offer a locally strong network of creative partners who each go for the successful organization of your conference, seminar or symposium.

Creators of Belgium is a brand name of the Creators of Live, a creative consultancy and organization agency for live events and live communication. We convey knowledge to the target group; we use the message to change behavior and we offer informative sessions that encourage knowledge enrichment in the target group. Creators of Belgium is a full-service organization, you have us for part of the organization or designing the total Event Experience Design plan.

From Knowledge to Action

A Conference, Seminar or Symposium is all about transferring knowledge, encouraging participants to change behavior, or actually profiling yourself as the best in your industry. A conference, seminar or symposium is usually organized within the pharmaceutical sector, healthcare institutions, governments, and associations.

Creators of Belgium works closely with its qualitative and creative partners in Belgium, carefully selected for your conference. These include event- and conference venues, caterers, av suppliers, registrations, branding, decoration, entertainment, transfers, and couriers. But also, speakers, chairmen and various social activities for the complete concept. And even app development! We go from Knowledge to Action.

As a full-service organization, you have us for part of the organization or from idea to execution. We advise and guide our clients in the total organization of the conference, symposium, or seminar. In doing so, we dive into the issue, the DNA of the organization or the topic and turn it into an impactful event. The goal? The congress that should not be missed.

Congress organization and support:

Creators of Belgium is a brand of the creative consulting and organizing agency Creators of Live. Because of our creative, accurate and hospitable working method, you have us for the total organization and support during your conference or congress. So, we are there for you:

  • ·        Design and organization of your congress, symposium, or seminar
  • ·        Deployment of quality and creative partners for entertainment, energizers, speakers, and chairmen
  • ·        Search and booking of the right conference and event venues
  • ·        Arranging transfers by sedan, mini-van, luxury, sprinters, and coaches
  • ·        Search and booking of your hotel accommodation
  • ·        Develop and facilitate team building and benefit activities
  • ·        One partner for a 1001 congress opportunities and facilities
  • ·        Online and hybrid facilities from studios to streaming platforms
  • ·        AV partners, furnishings and decorations, entertainment
  • ·        Development of networking events and the social program including private dinners
  • ·        Total care and facilitation of live communications for lanyards, name tags, badges, give-aways and corporate gifts, banners and branding.

From conference organization to conference support, you have us for part or design to implementation. Thanks to our accurate, creative, and welcoming way of working, we always think in the best interest of our clients. Ask us the question because no question is too crazy for us!

A congress in Belgium with Creators of Belgium

Organizing a congress in Belgium with Creators of Belgium has not only the advantage of 1 fixed partner for the numerous suppliers. But also, from the bigger perspective we go with you with our other brands such as: Creators of Live for global event management, Creators of The Netherlands or Creators of Luxembourg for future congresses in the Netherlands or Luxembourg.

So you are assured of a permanent partner who invests in the DNA of your organization. And grows in knowledge of your field. The advantage is that every event is better and better organized. At the same time, we build together on a permanent long-term relationship.

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