Live events: Impactful for lifetime memories.

Creators of Live is a consulting and organizing agency for events with the world as a backdrop. With our DMC brand Creators of Belgium, we operate within the borders of Belgium for special events. A full-service organization agency for (brand) experiences, incentives, meetings, congresses, and events in Belgium. We work according to our own creative, accurate and hospitable method based on our core values: love, interest, respect, and success. This is how we exceed expectations and bring stories to life!

We create live with you, and for you!

From an idea to a special event

Creators of Belgium has a large network within the borders of Belgium, based on more than 15 years of experience. From entertainment to venues and from speakers to av suppliers. Events in Belgium can come in all forms, such as: staff event, customer events, brand experiences, product launches, (press) events and more.

Creators of Belgium advises and organizes events from its own working method that converges on creative, accurate and hospitable. With a large dose of experience and expertise, we know our qualitative partners in the major cities of Antwerp, Brussels, and Namur but also in the less known areas such as the coast, Bruges and Ghent or the Ardennes.

We design events from your issue or idea. This can have to do with strengthening the corporate identity, stimulating the achievement of business goals, celebrating an anniversary, the annual company party or strengthening relationships with customers or dealers. During the design process for your Event Design, we consider sustainability, inclusion and make conscious choices with our partners accordingly. In this way, we strive for an exceptional live event that will exceed the expectations of the participants!

Creators of Belgium is committed to:

Creators of Belgium draws from a great network to organize your event successfully with high-quality and qualitative partners. Together we strive for the ultimate success for your guests and lifelong memories. You put us in for:

  • ·        Event Experience Design: from your issue we translate this into an exceptional design for your ultimate event whether it's a party night, kick-off event or client event. From your story to an Event Design Plan to the complete organization.
  • ·        We search and book the right conference, meeting or event venue. This can be a permanent location or a campground or your own company grounds.
  • ·        We build on a large and trusted network of creative partners from AV suppliers, tent rental companies and stand builders, furnishing and decoration, entertainment and speakers. You name it! We have an answer.
  • ·        Catering; of course we also know the tastiest, most beautiful and sustainable caterers in our country. Time and again they provide the tasteful interpretation of our events.
  • ·        Transfers; international guests at your event? Then we provide transfers from the train stations or airport to the event locations. Rather have a grand party elsewhere with the whole company? Then too, we work with regular partners for a comfortable or just out-of-the-box transfer to the venue.
  • ·        Hosts; An event is not complete without the friendly smiles of our hosts and hostesses. They enchant every guest with their charms.
  • ·        Entertainment and performers; From the DJs to specific musicians. An accordionist on the canals of Amsterdam or a beautiful opera duo in an old monastery. We come up with authentic, but also very creative concepts for a spectacular event.

And in addition to all these services, there's probably still a few things you'd like to know. Because how do we take care of the branding of your company or brand, for example? For that too, we have partners for building a registration website, an app and making your expressions tangible. So don't hesitate to ask us your questions! We will go through fire for you.

Creators of Belgium for Live Events

You have us for the total organization of your events. The advisory process from an issue, story or message to the design of your Event Design plan. With or without an appropriate live communication plan around your event for an extra-long top-of-mind strategy.

We work for companies in Belgium as international companies eager to discover Belgium. We let you experience Belgium through our eyes. So that we can be sure that you lack nothing.

Got a groundbreaking and spectacular event in mind? We certainly won't turn our hands away. You have an idea but don't know how? We do! Or are you just curious who we are? Let us know.

We would love to meet you.



Inspired? Interested? Awakened? Wondering what we can do for you? Would you like to organize a special live event? Can we make your story come to life? Want to spar or get acquainted? Contact us or schedule an appointment. We hope to speak with you soon.