Brussels: the host for your event

Brussels is a unique destination, not only because it is the capital of Europe, but at the same time because of its versatility. And the streets are indicated in both French and Flemish, fun fact.

Brussels is easily reached because it has 2 international airports; the best known Brussels Airport and the lesser known Charleroi Airport. Both about 20 minutes’ drive from the city center of Brussels. Thereby, for over 60 million inhabitants of Europe, Brussels can be reached in less than 2 hours by high-speed train. And you can also reach Brussels by boat or coach, of course. Central location, therefore, one of the reasons why the European Commission is located here.

With its central location and diversity, Brussels is a godsend to organize your event, congress, presentations, incentive or meetings. The center is full of sights and delicious restaurants. The city has a diverse and vibrant center with fantastic rooftops for your dinner or cocktail event.

New in Brussels in 2023.

In 2023, some great innovations await Brussels in the field of Meetings and Events. For example, next to the train station, just a few steps walk opens the beautiful Sparks. This venue is flexible and has many different possibilities for organizing your meetings, presentations or business meetings. A new locations where you are provided with all conveniences. In addition, the location uses many sustainable and natural materials. The Conference Room is available for up to 65 people and the Theater can accommodate up to 250 people!

Creators of Belgium _ new openings in Brussel 2023 _ MICE (3).jpg
Creators of Belgium _ new openings in Brussel 2023 _ MICE (4).jpg

Be amazed at 5. Grand Place

At the Grand Place of Brussels, thus the heart of the city. Opens this year 5. Grand Place, a new venue that people can't stop talking about. So central and of top quality. The venue is ideally suited for meeting, smaller conferences, workshops and trainings. However, the character of the interior also lends itself perfectly to private dining or cocktail parties. Due to its recent opening, this location is also equipped with all the technical gadgets to take care of your business meeting to perfection. Surprise and amaze yourself in the heart of Brussels.

Belgian Beer World

It may take a while yet but this summer the iconic showpiece of the city will open. The long wait will finally be rewarded with the Belgian Beer World. Housed in the former Brussels Stock Exchange building with its characteristic appearance, after years of renovation, the end is then in sight. These locations can be visited not only as a museum, but also for medium-sized congresses and events. A feast for the eyes with of course a fitting theme for Brussels, namely beer. Very nice for guests coming from outside Brussels! But not only that, as an added bonus, a spectacular rooftop also opens up here.

Creators of Belgium _ new openings in Brussel 2023 _ MICE (5).jpg
Creators of Belgium _ new openings in Brussel 2023 _ MICE (1).jpg

Your event, congress, or incentive in Brussels.

Creators of Belgium advises and organizes live events and live communication. We know the possibilities of every destination worldwide. At the same time, we open doors where others do not, in order to exceed expectations. Realizing the ultimate event experience, that's what we do it for!

Besides these locations, we know many locations and creative partners in Brussels. Not for nothing, we call ourselves specialists in organizing events within the city. As Destination Management Company, we present not only Brussels, but Belgium as a whole.

What can we do for you? An event with a sustainable contribution? A varied incentive where emotions are stimulated? An exclusive board meeting with a culinary private dining experience? Or are we launching a new product or service with you for the Belgian market? Whatever your story, we would love to make it come to live!


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