Luxembourg: for your event or incentive

Luxembourg is the smallest country in central Europe, but still the only real Grand Duchy. A special country with the size of Malta. Versatile because of its unspoiled nature, rich art and culture and at the same time it’s phenomenal elegance.

An event in Luxembourg or an incentive, meeting, or congress? Luxembourg guarantees class and grandeur par excellence, with an enduring character. Why organize your event in Luxembourg? And where do we know Luxembourg from?

Creators of Luxembourg is a destination management company where we make available the specialty of organizing events in this small country. We advise and organize in various live events and live communication for the corporate client, both national and international.

Fun facts about Luxembourg.

Luxembourg has a diverse and thriving economy. One of the sectors you would know Luxembourg mainly from is of course the financial sector. But at the same time, the country also has major employers that are known worldwide such as: ArcelorMittal, Goodyear, Luxair and finally Amazon! And did you know that Luxembourg is also recently active in the Space industry?

Another thing to know is that the people of Luxembourg are strong in their languages. Not only do they speak German, French or Luxembourgish but they are also very good at English. It regularly happens that you speak with someone who masters all four languages perfectly.

Sustainable! "Keen to be Green!" For Luxembourg this is not so difficult, because they themselves already live in a very sustainable way with respect for the country, its culture and history. Yet Luxembourg has set high targets to be even more sustainable. They are currently ranked as the 7th greenest and most sustainable country in the world. `

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Why Luxembourg.

Luxembourg is a small and compact country located in central Europe. And is a modern country with rich gastronomy, diverse economy, art and culture wrapped in the fairytale and unspoiled nature. Thereby, the destination is not yet as popular as other capitals, and you can get well here in terms of availability. Once in Luxembourg city if really no need to book transfers, as public transport is completely free of charge.

And you experience it already upon arrival in Luxembourg (if you come by plane) the city has no long queues. This applies both to the various museums and sights, as well as your journey at the airport. And did you know that Luxembourg Airport is located really close to the city? And what Luxembourg itself calls too little, it actually has a little bit of everything from Europe!

Your event in Luxembourg?

Creators of Luxembourg is your go-to DMC for perfectly organizing a unique incentive, meeting or event. The destination has it all. Luxembourg is class, charm, allure, at the same time old-fashioned that contrasts with the modern cosmopolitan of its inhabitants and architecture.

An event or incentive can both be organized very quietly or full of activities from sporting to something less. But complete the experience with fantastic restaurants, perfect entertainment or dream away in the rustic beauty of nature.

Luxembourg has a lot in one compact country, therefore it is the ideal destination for your incentive, event, meeting or congress.

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