Incentives in Luxembourg

Creators of Live is specialized in Global Event Management. With Creators of Luxembourg, we offer specialized and specific knowledge of the country for a company outing, staff weekend or incentive in Luxembourg.

We build on the expertise and expertise of over 15 years in the event & hospitality industry. This way, you as a client are assured of a quality party for the organization of your unique incentive, staff weekend and corporate event. Dive with us into the versatility and diversity that the smallest country in the heart of Europe has to offer. Discover the most inspiring personalities, get off the beaten track, unwind in vibrant Luxembourg.

The capital Luxembourg is multifaceted as are its inhabitants from more than 100 countries. Enjoy opportunities for canoeing, diving, or pure nature. Experience the hospitality of this country and immerse yourself in culinary experiences.

Fun, art, craft, and love ... you will experience it all!

Experience, live and marvel. As small as the country is, so big is the experience. Luxembourg lets you experience, live and marvel at it all. Enjoy the grand wine architecture, experience the pure and green nature, enjoy the gastronomy or imagine yourself within the UNESCO world heritage. You do this during your incentive, staff weekend or company outing. Stretch the incentive with an active live communication plan, connecting all employees, partners and or dealers of your company to your company and this unique incentive.

From a consulting and organizing firm, we approach each concept to make (brand) stories come alive, know how to convey the core message to invitees and reinforce corporate identity. An incentive is the ideal opportunity to get the entire organization on board in realizing the new corporate goals, mission and, most importantly, vision. Enhance this with a communication plan, this way you assure your organization of a recurring activation and this binds both current and new employees to your company.

We prepare ourselves for a beautiful and long-lasting cooperation. So that we can guarantee lifelong memories for every invitee, exceeding expectations.

An incentive in Luxembourg: a fusion of culture and nature.

Luxembourg is best known for its capital, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for over 25 years. During an incentive, both the sporty and the epicurean can indulge themselves. We would like to dive with you into the open and diverse possibilities of Luxembourg. Enjoy tasty experiences, behold the special architecture, experience the culture and versatile exhibitions. Experience active nature and get off the beaten track. And have you ever wanted to go skateboarding? Definitely, Luxembourg is the place to be!

From a vibrant nightlife in the capital Luxembourg, to unwind on the Moselle. Experience the fairytale rocks and trails in the Mullerthal or stay nature active in the Ardennes. Ever discovered the glowing heart of the South? But also the idyllic Guttland with its green fields and magnificent castles. And that at only short distances because from North to South Luxembourg is only 82km and from East to West only 58km. Are you curious what we design for you?

You have us from in- to incentive.

Creators of Luxembourg can be used for a part or the total organization of your incentive, company outing or staff weekend. We do this with attention, creativity and passion for the job. Curious about our accurate, creative and hospitable way of working? You have us for:

  • ·        Advice and organization process for your incentive, company outing or staff weekend.
  • ·        Search and booking of hotel and event locations
  • ·        Supervising and providing the creative communication plan before and after the incentive.
  • ·        Designing and organizing the experience for your employees.
  • ·        Booking and facilitating 1001-different suppliers all involved in this lifetime memory.
  • ·        Invitation and registration process of the invitees.
  • ·        Sustainable and conscious choices for a better incentive.
  • ·        Facilitation of hybrid and/or online facilities during the incentive.
  • ·        Designing, developing, and selecting the right partners for team building and workshops.

Creators of Luxembourg a full-service consulting and organizing agency.

Creators of Luxembourg is a full-service consulting and organization agency or the one-stop-shop. Whatever you want to call it, but we advise, guide, and organize every event to the desired result; the lifelong memory, where expectations are exceeded!

We invent, design, and organize total experiences and adventures. Where we consider the purpose of your company, such as strengthening the corporate identity or achieving set corporate goals. So, you can opt for just an incentive or increase the impact with a live communication track. As a creative consultancy and organization agency, we know how to make (brand) stories come alive!

How can we surprise your employees? Let's get acquainted.



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