A special fall meeting in Amsterdam

Creators of Live was active during autumn in Amsterdam to organize a special “Fall Meeting” for one of our clients. The participants stayed in the beautiful Hyatt Regency Amsterdam where also the special meeting took place.

Creators of Live used its specialist knowledge with DMC brand Creators of The Netherlands to organize a special event for our client. Together with our partners, this event during Amsterdam Dance Event became a special experience.

We are happy to share this case study including the review.

A DMC in Amsterdam? Creators of Live!

Creators of Live was introduced as the DMC with Creators of The Netherlands by its partner, our DMC brand for the Netherlands represents our exclusive partners within our national borders. After all, we know our partners both in the Netherlands and worldwide. For this assignment we went to work in our own capital city for the ultimate experience during the busy period of Amsterdam Dance Event.

Change the game!

Within 24 hours we were able to present a special proposal for the Fall Meeting in Amsterdam. And it quickly turned out to be a hit! Unfortunately, Amsterdam Dance Event put a small stop to that, because the availability of the unique locations proved more difficult than expected. Amsterdam Dance Event, after being away for 2 years, would now turn out even more than usual.

Creators of Live with DMC The Netherlands investigated further possibilities and came up with an exclusive, high end event for our client! A pure and authentic experience in Amsterdam where attention, experience and connecting were the key ingredients for this "Fall Meeting."

"Thank you so much for all your work. It's been wonderful working with you. We surely reccommend Creators of The Netherlands!"

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The Fall Meeting in Amsterdam

The arrivals at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Central Station were coordinated by our host coordination. They ensured that all guests arriving received a warm welcome and were taken to the hotel with the appropriate transfers. The guests stayed at the attractive and luxurious Hyatt Regency Amsterdam.

The meetings were also held at the Hyatt Regency Amsterdam and Creators of Live DMC The Netherlands took care of the social program. Together with our partners we arranged the private dinners at Kaagman & Kortekaas and the Malabar.

As a teambuilding activity we developed, together with our partners, a bicycle activity, completely customized. During this activity extra attention was paid to the secret ingredients, attention, experience and connecting. The bike ride went via special stops, such as an exclusive lunch cruise and a delicious jenever tasting. Of course, along the way we paused for some special anecdotes of the sights.

After the tasting, the experience ended with a pub crawl. A match was made of 3 diverse pubs and restaurants, allowing one to taste and experience the diversity of Amsterdam.

Exclusive, high end with Creators of Live DMC The Netherlands.

Creators of Live is known for its global event management. Thanks to the specialization of its brands as DMC The Netherlands, we receive international guests in the Netherlands. So specifically for this event in our capital city of Amsterdam.

Exclusive, high-end for every live event. So, we always guarantee our clients a program entirely tailored to the wishes and identity of the organization. So that the experience is not just entertainment, but truly a lifelong lasting memory. In which culinary delights are alternated with authentic experiences.

Discover the possibilities of Creators of The Netherlands.


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