750 years of Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is a city full of history and culture, diversity, a city with a vibrant evening and night life. And at the same time a city with more than 50 museums. Not surprising that Creators of The Netherlands (DMC) responds to its capital, because in Amsterdam you can do it all! Of course, there are fun facts to talk about Amsterdam and its inhabitants. So why choose Amsterdam for your incentive, meeting, conference, or event?

Creators of The Netherlands is a Destination Management Company (DMC), a brand of Creators of Live. With Creators of The Netherlands, we advise and organize Live events and Live communication for the corporate client, both for clients locally and internationally!

We create Live, in the Netherlands! And from October 2024 the festivities around the 750th anniversary of Amsterdam will start! You can't miss it!

Why Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is one of Europe's most innovative cities in the fields of health and life sciences, technology, artificial intelligence, finance, sustainability and creative industries. For an event, meeting or conference, Amsterdam offers a range of diverse venues, accommodation options in hotels and alternative accommodations. Creative event venues and hotels with capacity from 10 to 20,000 people. Good connections both with WiFi during your event, but also in terms of transportation. By high-speed train alone, Amsterdam is easily accessible from: London, Brussels, Paris, and Berlin. And a range of special experiences to organize and experience. Of course, a walking tour in the city center or boat trip through the canals of Amsterdam. Also, the lesser-known neighborhoods of Amsterdam, the hidden gems and alternative experiences! At the same time, Amsterdam has an array of top restaurants, hidden gems at a culinary high level and the instagrammable spots.

When it comes to sustainability, Amsterdam sets high goals. Would you like to organize a sustainable event at your client? Then this is certainly possible in Amsterdam!  From beautiful and unique Green Key locations with more than 70 hotels affiliated with it. Sustainable and conscious activities for a real Amsterdam experience, conscious shopping and healthy restaurants with vegan, plant based and local healthy cuisine! Wondering what we can do for you? Ask us.

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Creators of The Netherlands, is a specialist in organizing various types of events in the Netherlands and Amsterdam. And extremely well experienced in culinary and flavorful experiences.

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Facts about Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is great fun and time and again we discover new facts about our capital city. This is not surprising when you consider that Amsterdam will celebrate its 750th anniversary from October 27, 2024! Amsterdam is never boring, and this is once again confirmed in these 7 facts about the city.

·        The Kalverstraat is almost 600 years old! Until 1629, the cows, oxen and calves market was here.

·        Our capital was built entirely on stilts. The central station required 8,687 piles already! The city itself an estimated 11 million poles.

·        In Amsterdam, according to the latest counts, there will be some 881,000 bikes in 2022! Yep, we love bikes!

·        Always been looking for the narrowest house in Europe? Well, you'll find it in Amsterdam at 22 Oude Hoogstraat and the house is only 2.02 meters wide!

·        In 2001, the first same-sex marriage took place in Amsterdam.

·        Amsterdam is best known for its monumental houses and not for its churches and palaces. The only two "palaces" in the city are the Palace on Dam Square - formerly the City Hall. And the Trippenhuis on Kolveniersburgwal 29. However, these are not real palaces, as they were never built for kings or princes.

·        In 1928, Amsterdam hosted the Olympic Games. The old Athletics Stadium in Zuid was built for this purpose.



MICE in Amsterdam

Mice in Amsterdam for: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events and (Brand) experiences. We do this mainly with our DMC brand Creators of The Netherlands for live events and live communication.

We advise on organizing events in Amsterdam in order to provide a conclusive and beautiful experience within our city for local and international business clients. We do this out of a passion for organizing special lifelong memories, where emotions are stimulated and expectations exceeded!

Wondering what Creators of The Netherlands can do for you in Amsterdam? We would love to get in touch with you!

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