What we do: comprehensive and hospitable

Creators of The Netherlands is a DMC in the Netherlands where we focus on various business meetings within our national borders. We make stories come to live for national and international participants.

Based on the knowledge and expertise of Creators of Live; a creative consultancy and organization agency in live communication and live events worldwide. With a focus on organizing (brand) experiences, events, meetings, incentives and conferences (MICE).

Creators of The Netherlands lets the extensive possibilities come to fruition in the Netherlands, from Amsterdam to Rotterdam and to Utrecht, Maastricht or The Hague. Prefer the ‘Wadden’ Islands or the Veluwe or the less known places? Certainly, that too is among the possibilities.

From beginning to success

Creators of The Netherlands opens its specialized and qualitative network for its clients. Through a creative, accurate and above all hospitable working method, we design and organize events to surprise (international) guests, make stories come to life and exceed expectations. The goal: that ultimate lifetime memory.

The network of Creators of The Netherlands arose during more than 15 years of experience at various companies in the hospitality and event industry, so you are assured of a quality and well-founded network of creative partners for your events.

From start to success. Throughout the event management process you are assured of the same creative and hospitable approach. And you are also assured of this when using us during the execution of your event. So you have one consistent way of making sure your guests lack for nothing. And at the same time we maintain a sound strategy while designing and planning your event, namely your business goals and the result you want to achieve! Needless to say, every element within the event will fit together in a smooth motion.

The Netherlands is not just tulips

The Netherlands is a beautiful and versatile country with many creative and unique opportunities. Meanwhile, the Netherlands has long since ceased to be known only for its tulips, herring, Heineken and clogs. For example, the Netherlands is characterized for its high level of creativity, our fast digital traffic on the Web and thus e-commerce, and we are famous for our DJs and drivers.

An experience in The Netherlands during a meeting, incentive, conference or event offers unique opportunities and no matter what industry your company comes from or what the story behind your brand is. There is an interface with Holland for every organization or company. We are proud of that! Thanks to the expertise of Creators of The Netherlands, we are happy to let you experience The Netherlands through our eyes.

What can we do for you?

We love challenges and every question is unique. We advise, guide and organize throughout the entire event management process, even afterwards. So assure yourself of a strong and quality partner for that optimal experience in the Netherlands.

Creators of The Netherlands is ready to welcome you! And before we get started, let's start with a no-obligation introduction, that's the first moment towards your ultimate event.

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