(Brand) Experiences: from story to emotion.

Creators of Live is a creative consultancy and organization agency for live events and live communication. We do this worldwide, but with Creators of The Netherlands we do this mainly within our own borders for brands and organizations. We make (brand) stories come to live. We do this from our core values: love, respect, interest, and success!

Stories come to life during an ultimate experience. Which triggers emotion and behavioral change in guests. We do this for lasting memories by stimulating the senses. Launching a new product and convincing your guests to buy your product? Presenting a new service? Realizing fans or ambassadors among your dealers and customers? Present company goals during a kick-off event or incentive.

Whatever the goal, it's all about the basics and the right briefing. That drives us to create a creative Event Design concept for your brand or company. The Event Design is the basis of the ultimate (brand) experience.

Creators of The Netherlands puts you in for

Creators of The Netherlands is a creative DMC (Destination Management Company). You can rely on us for part or total organization of your Live event. What do you put us in for?

  • ·        Creative Event Design including conscious choice for sustainability and inclusion
  • ·        Advice and negotiations with creative partners for the best proposal
  • ·        Content, website, app and Live communications leading up to, during and after your event
  • ·        Searching and booking the right event venues, hotels, or meeting location
  • ·        Devise and develop (team building) activities and private dinners
  • ·        Collaboration with partners for entertainment, speakers, decoration and audiovisual
  • ·        Transfer organization and coordination of your guests to the desired locations
  • ·        Peripheral services such as couriers, hosts, and security

With Creators of The Netherlands, you have a specialist within the Netherlands who knows the way to local qualitative and creative partners. We work together with them to ensure the success of your event. So, you are assured of the right partner!

An experience in the lowest countries

An experience in the lowest countries in the world. You can leave that up to us. Creators of The Netherlands is a specialist in the organization of live events and live communication. Especially for the business target group we concentrate in most cases on MICE, or Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Events and (Brand) Experiences.

We do this not only for the national client, but precisely also for the international clients. We are talking here about SMEs, Organizations and Multinationals. For them we are the specialist in organizing the most diverse events in the Netherlands. Whether it is a brand or product launch for the national audience or for internationally invited guests in the Netherlands. Often these events are organized in Amsterdam, The Hague or Rotterdam. Our knowledge extends from Maastricht to Groningen and from the Wadden Islands to Zeeland. So, whether it should take place in one of our beautiful big cities or in the countryside? Creators of The Netherlands is your specialist.

Whatever the goal or message

Organizing a (brand) experience or event is often based on a goal or message. Whatever it may be, we dive into the briefing and the DNA of the organization or brand. Together we build an intensive relationship in which the final (brand) experience will be expressed.

We do this with numerous partners and suppliers. But for you there are many advantages to working with Creators of The Netherlands. We enlist all partners, do the negotiations, and process the central invoicing. So, you have 1 partner for a 1001 possibilities, because we like to make it easier!

Let's start from your (brand) story. 

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