Incentives in the Netherlands

Creators of Live is specialized in Global Event Management. With Creators of The Netherlands we offer specialized and specific knowledge of our own country for a company outing, staff weekend or incentive in our own beautiful Netherlands.

We build on the expertise and knowledge of over 15 years in the event & hospitality industry. This way, you as a client are assured of a quality party for the organization of your unique incentive, staff weekend and company outing. From Amsterdam to Maastricht, and from the Veluwe to the Wadden Islands or from Utrecht to Middelburg.

We have already devised and organized numerous concepts. We would like to bring our creative, accurate and hospitable way of working also to your unique incentive in the Netherlands.

The organization for a lifelong memory.

In an ever-changing world, we discover new gems from venues to other partners that will make your incentive an unforgettable event. Stretch the incentive with an active live communication plan, connecting all employees, partners and or dealers of your company to your company and the final incentive.

From a consulting and organizing firm, we approach each concept to make (brand) stories come to life, know how to convey the core message to invitees and reinforce corporate identity. An incentive is the ideal time to get the entire organization on board in realizing the new business goals, the company mission and most importantly the vision. Enhance this with a communication plan, this way your organization ensures a recurring activation and binds both current and new employees to your company.

We prepare for a beautiful and long-lasting cooperation. So that we can guarantee lifelong memories for every invitee, exceeding expectations.

An incentive in the Netherlands is not only about tulips and clogs.

Holland has so much more to offer than just tulips and clogs. However, authentic Dutch traditions are often a the means for a perfect incentive in the Netherlands, especially for international guests. But the Netherlands has so much more to offer; think of our international exports, such as our DJs, Heineken and various specialty beers, our forward-thinking approach to sustainability and inclusion, the overwhelming creativity found everywhere.

The Netherlands is a wonderful country for a special company outing, staff weekend and incentive. Consider a wonderful weekend together on the Wadden Islands with a blokart rally, or go on a special trip to Fort Island Pampus and discover the history of the island, Make it a weekend Maastricht and go cave biking or challenge us to a Rangrover Adventure Experience on the Veluwe. We have the possibilities up our sleeves! Are you curious what we design for you?

You have us from in- to incentive.

You can use Creators of The Netherlands for a part or the total organization of your incentive, company outing or staff weekend. We do this with attention, creativity and passion for the job. Curious about our accurate, creative and hospitable way of working? You have us for:

  • ·        Advice and organization process for your incentive, company outing or staff weekend.
  • ·        Search and booking of hotel and event locations
  • ·        Supervising and providing the creative communication plan before and after the incentive.
  • ·        Designing and organizing the experience for your employees.
  • ·        Booking and facilitating 1001-different suppliers all involved in this lifetime memory.
  • ·        Invitation and registration process of the invitees.
  • ·        Sustainable and conscious choices for a better incentive.
  • ·        Facilitation of hybrid and/or online facilities during the incentive.
  • ·        Designing, developing and selecting the right partners for team building and workshops.

Creators of The Netherlands a full-service consulting and organizing agency.

Creators of The Netherlands is a full-service consultancy and organization agency or the one-stop-shop. Just what you want to call it, but we advise, guide and organize every event to the desired result; the lifelong memory, where expectations are exceeded!

We invent, design and organize total experiences and adventures. Where we take into account the purpose of your company, such as strengthening the corporate identity or achieving set corporate goals. So you can opt for just an incentive or increase the impact with a live communication track. As a creative consultancy and organization agency, we know how to make (brand) stories come alive!

How can we surprise your employees? 

Let's get acquanted.



Inspired? Interested? Awakened? Wondering what we can do for you? Would you like to organize a special live event? Can we make your story come to life? Want to spar or get acquainted? Contact us or schedule an appointment. We hope to speak with you soon.