Staff party: boost your corporate identity!

Organizing a staff party, staff evening or staff day is the moment to strengthen your corporate identity and boost your organization's ambitions! Creators of Live gladly puts her love for the hysterical profession and her clients to use to get more out of your staff party.

With over 15 years of experience in the various facets of the hospitality and event industry, we know how to use a staff party as an internal marketing tool. This way the staff party contributes to the ambitions of your organization and strengthens your corporate identity.

Strengthening the ambitions of your organization?

A staff party, staff day or staff evening is the perfect opportunity to strengthen your corporate ambitions. Why would you organize an event? This is the ultimate moment for concrete internal communication. Stimulate the senses, look each other in the eye and offer direct interaction.

The impact of a staff party, staff day or staff evening is greater than expected. The benefits are endless. It contributes to team spirit; it strengthens your organization's ambitions and results in increased productivity. In addition, it is also a perfect way to bind new employees to your organization. Tell yourself, who would not want to work at the nicest organization in the industry?

Turn the staff party into a campaign

Creators of Live understands better than anyone how you can develop the communication before and after a staff party into a real campaign. Through the communication mix of live and online, you can create a bond with your colleagues and employees. And during the communication process we focus on maximum impact. Thus, the staff party is not a one-off event, but a total reaction of various online and live events to achieve the set objectives.

A staff party thus strengthens the corporate identity and corporate ambition. As a result, the event becomes an ideal spin-off for the entire corporate strategy.

Entertainment, creativity goes further

Every staff party is unique and depends on the identity of your organization. The communication applied in the campaign and especially the plan for realizing ambitions of your company. The entertainment for a staff day, staff evening or staff party may connect with the campaign for your staff event. It does not only have to be about reward but may also be about realizing achievements. This involves creativity and insight into your organization, together with the event manager or events department of your organization we build a perfect party that leads to strengthening your ambitions.

Strengthening in all ways contributes to success

Strengthening the internal organization contributes to the success of your company. It will reflect to your target group, result in new employees and it will manifest itself. A special, unique and above all result-oriented staff party is one of our possibilities.

Of course, we also advise and organize the staff weekend of the year. Kick-off employee event from one day to a multi-day incentive trip or incentive event. The onboarding event for new employees or open day to raise awareness of your company for and by employees.

Whatever the event demand. Creators of Live dives into the DNA of your organization, converts this into a unique Event Experience Design plan with, if desired, a touching communication mix with impact for your organization!

From creativity, hospitality, and accuracy for your staff event.

Our method is based on creativity, hospitality, and accuracy to make every event a lifetime memory, exceeding expectations. We do this from our core values of love, interest, respect, and success!

Creators of Live is a creative consulting and organizing agency with expertise in Live communications and Live events. Started in July 2021, from the experience and knowledge of more than 15 years in different corners of the international hospitality and events industry.

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