Extraordinary and creative meetings

'Special and creative' is the starting point for an impressive meeting. As a creative consultancy and organization agency with a passion for live communication and live events, we offer the opportunity to organize special and creative meetings. Internally and externally, at home and abroad.

In the broadest sense of the word, we think about the content of the meeting. We look for the right location that reinforces the subject and the message. And we advise for a streamlined program towards the right result. Our strength? Contributing to a special meeting for every participant.

What may your special meeting meet?

The world is changing rapidly and in the coming years social development goals will play a key role in the organization of events. Business events will have more depth and be organized in a responsible way. The market is changing, and suppliers are disappearing, and new partners are emerging. Continuously responding to demand requires creativity and flexibility. Coincidence! Creators of Live's core characteristics.

How do we respond to the latest developments within the industry? How does our organization have influence for tomorrow? What knowledge and inspiration contributes to our innovative product strategy? Where does our organization stand and what path do we take to achieve the desired result? How do we implement a new way of working? How do our employees perform? How do we strive for more conversion? Just a few propositions that can be the subject of an extraordinary and creative meeting.

The role of Creators of Live for your special and creative meeting.

Program: Creators of Live does not work from the sidelines. We dive into the content, advise, and make it successful. Do we have the questions clear? Then we move on to the content, the right setup, the right type of meeting, the decor, and the complimenting location with facilities.

Content: Special and creative meetings often lead to a lot of information. This input may be captured, this may be by a cartoonist, a creative note-taker or a business illustrator or videographer. In this way we make the next steps, solutions, and actions concrete.

Facilitating: For a special and creative meeting, we leave nothing to chance, right? Therefore, you can expect from us: advice and concrete interpretations in an accurate and hospitable manner, a complimentary meeting location with all facilities, appropriate decoration, audiovisual equipment, guest speakers or chairman, accessibility, and the comfortable additional facilities.

Event partner: As your regular event partner, we lead meetings if desired, set up brainstorming sessions, develop programs, and are familiar with a range of perspectives. Ready to take your special meeting to the next level? So are we!

Teambuilding: Teambuilding strengthens relationships among participants. Not only employees of your organization, but also externally invited guests. In addition, successful team building also gives an extra dimension to your meetings and further contributes to creativity and inspiration.

Special and creative meetings to the next level!

Creators of Live is a creative consultancy and organization agency for live communication and live events. We do this in all areas within event management for our clients, obviously Live, but also online or hybrid. And to say that the possibilities are limitless is an understatement. Let us start with a no-obligation introduction.

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