Incentive campaigns: motivate, analyze, and stimulate.

A successful employee incentive program is not just about the final incentive. This is a long-term communication program: 'the journey to the ultimate experience!' During the campaign, you want to excite, enthuse, motivate, and encourage your team to achieve the set business goals. Thus, increasing productivity and realizing sales opportunities. Good campaigns put the sales & marketing team on edge, keep the production team on the engine, put pressure on the finances and create a togetherness throughout the organization.

Creators of Live is a creative consulting and organizing agency for live communications and live events. From the question to the organization and reflection with consequence for a new incentive campaign, we are here for you!

Motivatie evenement of reis.

Een incentive of incentive reis is een middel de medewerkers of relaties te stimuleren om een bepaalde prestatie te leveren. Dat kan zijn voor medewerkers intern, maar ook voor dealers of zelfs voor opdrachtgevers. De incentive of incentive reis hoeft dus niet alleen om beloning te gaan, maar kan ook breder ingezet worden; versterken van de corporate identity, teambuilding creëren, inspireren, kennis vergroten en uitwisselen, energie creëren en vooral het positief stimuleren van verschillende afdelingen, dealers of relaties tegelijk.

Motivational event or trip.

An incentive or incentive trip is a means to encourage employees or relations to deliver a certain performance. This can be for employees internally, but also for dealers or even for clients. So, the incentive or incentive trip does not only have to be about rewarding, but can also be used in a broader sense, strengthening the corporate identity, creating team building, inspiring, increasing and exchanging knowledge, creating energy, and especially positively stimulating different departments, dealers or relations at the same time.

The kick-off of your incentive campaign

In the incentive campaign we focus on the communication towards the ultimate experience. The incentive campaign always starts with a kick-off moment, this can also be at the same time as the completion of last year's incentive campaign. For each incentive campaign we produce a unique slogan, if desired also a logo and we look at the possibility to use the incentive campaign broadly, both internally and externally.

During the communication process we analyze, but we stimulate, enthuse, and positively influence. The goal? Achieve the results associated with the incentive. Communication can be via newsletters, social media, apps, intranet, and numerous other media. When establishing the incentive campaign, we also look at live communication and tangible moments to continue to surprise and motivate.

Teasers in the incentive campaign.

Live communication and tangible moments are also known as teasers. Small hints, surprise moments entertainment. This to keep during the incentive campaign, employees, dealers, and customers motivated for the journey to that ultimate experience! Which had already started at the Kick-off.

We complement this with a hat or scarf for that ultimate incentive trip to Lapland or Iceland. We provide drinks with pintxos if the ultimate experience may be in Bilbao, with delicious wine from the Rioja. Do we provide growth mail if we take the incentive to the Baltic forests. Or get everyone a nice French beret or a small Eiffel Tower for that ultimate incentive in Paris. So, we can go on endlessly with ideas and surprising elements we add to the incentive campaign.

Do you like to stretch your incentive? Do you want to keep analyzing it? Do you motivate and enthuse your employees or relations to achieve business results? We advise and organize with you.

The journey to the ultimate experience

Realizing an ultimate experience in which expectations are exceeded and goals are achieved, we dive into the DNA of your corporate identity. See us as an extension of your organization, to successfully organize the incentive or incentive trip and facilitate the entire incentive campaign.

Wondering what this looks like for your organization? Ready for the journey to lifelong memories? Are you ready to meet and even exceed all business outcomes? We are! Bet on a unique incentive campaign and contact us for an introductory meeting with no obligation.

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