1 year for live events and live communication!

Creators of Live is a creative consultancy and organization agency for eye-catching and special events. After more than 15 years of experience in the international hospitality and event industry Jacco Verschoor started his company.

Creators of Live was founded with the vision to build special live events and lifelong memories for the client; worldwide! To realize this we work through an intensive process, where all details come together. We believe that through a close and transparent collaboration with the client and our creative partners, live events are taken to the next level and the message, goal or moment is grand and impactful.

Creators of Live with an absolute purpose!

Creators of Live was founded since July 1, ’21 for the absolute purpose; to organize global events for its clients and thereby realize lifelong memories; sustainable, diverse and inclusive, exclusive and high end.

In addition, Creators of Live also offers three brands; DMC Netherlands, DMC BeNeLux and DMC The Gambia. These three special brands are designed from our knowledge and expertise together with our local creative and quality partners. Through these brands we offer special, sustainable and passionate events in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and The Gambia; West Africa.

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Change the game with Creators of Live.

From our passion we think in terms of possibilities. We turn impossibilities into sustainable and successful opportunities. We advise and think along until and after the organization of your live event. We also gained our knowledge and expertise during the pandemic in the field of online and special tangible communication. With this expertise we have been able to organize special online events, cool teambuilding activities and special motivations through tangible communication and business gifts ever since.

Proud and grateful to all our clients who believe in "The Magic of New Beginnings!" and thus trusted us with their special live events and live communications.

Extremely creative with a strong and qualified network.

Internationally, Creators of Live is represented by several partners. They present our agency to their clients. Together we continue to build on the mission of our company to always make a difference; from our core values: love, interest, respect and success!

Through the global network we offer a great and solid foundation. Thus, we offer our corporate client a safe and quality home for special events; sales events, kick offs & year start meetings, board meetings, incentive events, opening events and conference support. For the private client we like to organize passionate, eye-catching and special events anywhere in the world, such as; a wedding, birthday or special celebration.

It always comes down to the same thing and we make clear choices while designing the event experience design plan. Conscious choices that come down to the same thing; sustainability, healthy catering, social impact and no-waste.

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1 year creating live events and live communications!

1 year for live events and live communications. We are incredibly grateful to all the clients who trusted us and gave us the award in the past year. We are now over 20 events further since the relaxation of the measures. And we are growing steadily.

A thank you is in order, and so we have our own special Creators Pen and Creators Notebook. White and gold, because we stand for pure, transparent and success merged with our core values. These are for you; we will gladly send you our gift or bring it by personally. Give us your address or make an appointment?


Inspired? Interested? Awakened? Wondering what we can do for you? Would you like to organize a special live event? Can we make your story come to life? Want to spar or get acquainted? Contact us or schedule an appointment. We hope to speak with you soon.