5 most exclusive tips for your incentive!

A special event abroad, for example a meeting, company outing, event or incentive. You want to reward your employees or strengthen relationships? What are you going to focus on?

With a unique event or incentive abroad, it has to be surprising. You want to organize a special experience and at the same time it has to be worth the investment!

We would like to share 5 exclusive tips for your incentive or event abroad.

Discover the unkown

You are organizing an event abroad, but where? Nowadays everyone has the opportunity to travel. As a result, choosing a destination can be tricky. Chances are that someone from your participants or guests has already been there. “Discover the unknown” by deviating from traditional destinations. Especially for a business event abroad, incentive or meeting, it is an added value to choose not too popular destinations.

For example, we make no secret of the fact that Dubai is one of our favorite destinations. However the destination is incredibly popular and should you want something different now, think about: Muscat in Oman, Ras al-Khaimah in United Arab Emirates or Doha in Qatar. All three are surprising destinations where the “Thousand and One Nights” fairy tale comes to life.

A budget for any destination abroad

When organizing an event abroad, budget and foreign currency also play a fundamental role in the choice of destination. Within Europe, there are numerous destinations for a special event abroad without having to consider an exchange rate. For example: Hamburg or Hannover in Germany, Leuven or Ostend in Belgium or consider Bologna in Italy.

In addition, your budget plays a dominant role in the choice. Are you going near or far. What options are within the budget. With an event abroad, there are many different factors that affect the budget. First, the destination per se, do you choose Paris or Reims. Even if you were to organize the exact same activities, Reims can be more economical than Paris. But also the choice between Western and Central Europe versus Eastern Europe. For example, you can organize a particularly exclusive event in the Baltic States, such as Riga or Vilnius versus a less exclusive program in, say, Berlin or Vienna.

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Local culture and hospitality

Involving local culture and hospitality makes your event abroad extra special. For example, we once organized a special cultural breakfast with 40 guests at an Emirati (local population of United Arab Emirates). The Emirati discussed the cultural differences between the West and the Middle East. The guests experienced the local culture combined with the special hospitality of the people.

Similarly, a local cooking workshop making pasta and pizza in Italy can be very inspiring. In which guests experience the special cooking techniques from traditional Italian cuisine. In addition, it is also a success to plan your event before or during a local traditional festival, for example, the Oktoberfests in Germany and La Tomatina in Spain near Valencia can strengthen your event abroad.

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Inspire and motivate abroad

An event abroad lends itself ideally to inspire and motivate. Therefore, a common event abroad is often an incentive, company outing or meeting. The combination of activities and interesting sessions ensure that elements such as connecting, inspiring and motivating are expressed. Because you experience abroad together, your participants or guests become emotionally involved, senses are stimulated and new relationships are created.

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Abroad, near or to exotic destinations

What is the purpose of your international event? Perhaps your company has a branch abroad, allowing you to combine your event with a sister branch? Or do you have multiple branches abroad and want to connect teams in a hybrid way? There are many questions and reasons why the choice falls on a particular destination. Creators of Live has an international network of creative partners at home and abroad. As a result, you are always assured of the right service and quality.

A destination close by or an exotic destination? With an international event, it is good to consider accessibility. How are the connections by plane, train or coach to the destination? Does the team come from one country and travel in a group or do they come from all over the world to the event abroad? In addition, the destination itself may be a decisive choice in terms of sustainability, high-tech or e-commerce, for example. There are numerous other reasons that influence the choice of a destination abroad.

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Organizing a business event abroad comes with challenges. We would love to help you make your incentive, meeting, company outing or event an unprecedented success. Creators of Live gladly accepts the challenge!

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