Jacco Verschoor; Creators of Live a Masters Member

The goal: To create unique experiences that contribute to the life of every guest or participant through exclusive, high end events, both national and international. Creators of Live is a creative consulting and organizing agency. Since July admitted, by the Masters Advisory Board, to MASTERS LEAGUE; the absolute top of the Netherlands.

MASTERS LEAGUE is part of Masters HQ.

Masters League is the networkingclub of Masters HQ. It is known for the Masters EXPO, formerly the Millionaire Fair. This is a unique premium fair that brings together the exclusive and luxury segments every year in Rai AMSTERDAM. As a member of Masters League, Jacco Verschoor, presents Creators of Live in the premium segment of the Netherlands. A special network of entrepreneurs, influencers, CEO’s and successful career tigers!

MASTERS LEAGUE is part of Masters HQ.

 In the newsletter of Masters HQ. Last week (Thursday 9th September ’21) Jacco Verschoor was introduced as “Member of the Week” in the newsletter, via the social media channels and on the Masters HQ website. The newsletter was sent to newsletter readers, members and top 300 Masters Companies. During the interview, Jacco Verschoor answered only the following question; Why Masters League?


“About 14 years ago I attended, then the Millionaire Fair, as a host. The successful exclusive entrepreneurs, brands and organizations caught my attention. By being affiliated with MASTERS LEAGUE I am joining the exclusive network of the Netherlands. I hope to make beautiful and warm connections with the members in order to strengthen each other”. 

With fifteen years of experience, from working in his parents’ family business and internships abroad in Beijing and Malta, Jacco returns to his passion: organizing lifelong memories within the exclusive segment, both nationally and internationally. After his education, he has always worked within the hospitality and events industry. The life lessons and unique experiences are now the source of creativity. “I like to make my creativity for special and unique Event Design available to strong organizations, exceptional brands and successful entrepreneurs.”

The entire article is available in Dutch at the website of Masters HQ.

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