Events; even more ideas and inspiration.

Creators of Live is a creative consultancy and event organization agency with the world as its backdrop. We stand for live communication and live events from the Netherlands to the most exotic destinations and in between. A full-service organization agency for (brand) experiences, incentives, meetings, conferences, and events.

Our goal? Exceeding expectations and bringing stories to live! To make the most of our creativity and special network, we regularly attend networking events. All the knowledge in inspiration now gets the opportunity to be expressed!

We are jumping on the couches, popping the image and we are finally there! Do you grab a nice drink with it? Will you sit down for it? Because if you're reading this, you've landed on our brand-new website. Will you let us know what you think?

Let it express itself!

This new website was designed in collaboration with De Webmakers. It was great that Cor wanted to translate our vision so clearly into this website. The brand new pressphotos are made by Chantalle Laurant Photography at the fantastic Art’Otel Amsterdam. An inspiring website where experiences and perceptions come across. We put it to the test. Was it successful?

Jacco Verschoor started Creators of Live on 1 July 2021, based on the passion to create unique experiences and valuable memories through live events and live communication. Only recently located, but to convey those events and experiences, space for images is needed and more texts, therefore this unique new website.


At the same time, we are also launching the official names of our DMC (Destination Management Company) brands. We are unbelievable proud and happy! The brands are operating for local clients from each country as well for international corporate clients towards the countries.

Creators of The Netherlands

Creators of The Netherlands; stands for organizing diverse events in the Netherlands. Where the knowledge and skills of the network with exclusive and specialist partners in the Netherlands are expressed. We often receive international guests, but also like to enchant the Dutch or Belgian client with lifelong memories.

Find out more about Creators of The Netherlands.

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Creators of Belgium a DMC for meetings, incentives, conferences, events and experiences in Belgium (6).jpg

Creators of Belgium

Creators of Belgium; all about our knowledge and our exclusive network in Belgium. We have already organized a congress for 500 guests in Brussels, a year start meeting in Ghent for over 90 people, and we launched a new product for a beauty brand at Tour & Taxis in Brussels. All the knowledge we acquired was brought together here.

Discover Creators of Belgium.

Creators of Luxembourg

Creators of Luxembourg; complete the story with Luxembourg where events are organized in a special and sustainable way for both international and national clients. Culinary, cultural, and modern opportunities pass by here. Through the solid network with Convention Bureau Luxembourg, we dare to exceed your expectations in Luxembourg.

Explore Creators of Luxembourg.

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Live events & live communication!

Creators of Live has been active within the events and hospitality industry for quite some time now. And we secretly continue to grow. In the coming period, we want to continue to inspire, design and organize for our trusted and new corporate clients.

We are strong in organizing completely unique designs, but we also support the organization of numerous events. With Creators of Live, you then have one partner for your company or brand who goes along with you. Ideal; this way you also have 1 permanent partner and together we build more impact during different events; from meetings to incentives and for conferences and events.

Sparring? Want to know more? 1 permanent partner for unprecedented large and small events? A creative advice and organization agency on hand for your product launch or brand experience? Motivate and stimulate your team to achieve ambitious business goals? You name it, we have the answer.

We create Live, for you and with you!

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Inspired? Interested? Awakened? Wondering what we can do for you? Would you like to organize a special live event? Can we make your story come to life? Want to spar or get acquainted? Contact us or schedule an appointment. We hope to speak with you soon.