Organizing an event with Experience Design.

Organizing an experience goes beyond the production of an event, meeting, incentive or conference. An experience is an experience. It is the moment that spectators become involved; customers become fans of your company or brand and employees become connected to the organization, ambassadors. Through the corona crisis we learned the added value of experiencing, connecting and being emotionally touched. According to our team, these are the biggest trends for the coming years.

What is an experience?

An experience expresses itself in many different forms of experiences, such as a trip, discovering something new or being emotionally touched by art or music. An experience is a memory for lifetime. Before the corona crisis we were only talking about organizing events, but the times call for change. And so, we increasingly speak of a (live) experience. For lifechanging moments!

In the days when we were hardly allowed to do anything, we learned the added value of experiencing, connecting, and touching emotionally. Needs that we missed for a long time. This has direct repercussions on the trends for the coming years.

The trends for Experience Design

Experience Design will become even more intertwined with Event Design. Sounds nice and wonderful, but we are mainly talking about the creative process. The goal during this process is to pay attention to all facets, such as the invitees, the guests, the speakers, the atmosphere, the message, etc. By focusing on the different facets there will be a degree of synergy that contributes to the experience.

In recent years we have been introduced to many technologies. So too your eager guest or visitor. The visitor will make even more demands on your event. “What is in it for me?” Because of this, there is a shift from standard production organizing to Experience and Event Design. 66% of event organizers indicate that more meaningful events will become their main priority (source: Frank Watching).

Involvement and attention flow together during the creative process. In this, the visitor wants the freedom and opportunity to leave a mark on the event. Thus, the content during the live event becomes more personal. Also called co-creation, actively participating, and fully absorbing the experience.

Where we used to focus mainly on quantity, we are now seeing that quality and intimacy are more profitable. Conferences that used to focus on 5,000+ visitors are now being replaced by smaller, special live experiences. The number 1 way to attract visitors to your event remains inspiration. By organizing intimate experiences, the power of inspiration increases, and it becomes an exclusive, high-end event.

Sustainable Development Goals: be aware of what you do, experience and live. Together we are involved with our earth, and we like to pass it on. This important trend will continue to permeate all corners of Experience and Event Design in the coming years. After all, visitors are becoming increasingly aware of the situation of our planet. The visitor longs for more sustainable considerations during the experience.

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When do you use Experience Design?

The marketing teams of the larger organizations and multinationals would say, everywhere! It determines whether a customer purchases the company’s products or services. Creators of Live sees the importance of both Experience Design and Event Design. An experience is built where expectations are exceeded! Visitors are involved in the co-creations, customers become fans, employees become connected to the organization. Experience Design can be used in everything, such as: organizing an incentive, the staff event with a special award show, but also during the annual conference or a special board meeting.

Have you already organized a wedding? Then you have experience in organizing a special experience. Organizing a wedding is all about attention, details and added value. A wedding planner is experienced in organizing the most beautiful day of your life so that it becomes a special experience for you and your guests.

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An experience for your business or private?

Creators of Live provides and organizes both corporate and private events: exclusive, high-end experiences. Organizing a live experience is perhaps more intensive than a wedding. Because of the combination of knowledge and skill, we understand the profession of the Experience Designer.

We develop exclusive, high-end experiences for your visitor, brand, company or for your guests privately. Let us surprise you with our creative process and turn spectators into stakeholders, business relations into fans and your employees into connected ambassadors of your company. A unique experience for you?

Meet Creators of Live.


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