Networking in Prague!

Creators of Live discovered extraordinary Prague during The Meetings Space's networking event last February.

Prague is a special city less than 1 hour by plane and even (takes a little longer) reachable by train from the Netherlands. The city is known for its 1000s of golden (church) towers, the many special bridges, cathedrals. A vibrant city where nightlife goes on until dawn, but also the city where you can get lost in the rich history and culture. Thereby, the city is not too big and easy to explore, on foot, by bike or by public transport.

During The Meeting Space, many networking moments were organized. In the afternoon and evening, we could explore the city and enjoy the versatility this destination has to offer. We highlight some of the highlights.

Prague Marriott Hotel

During The Meetings Space, we were allowed to stay at the luxurious Prague Marriott Hotel. A beautiful hotel centrally located in the centre of Prague. The façade is less impressive than stepping inside and finding yourself in a warm and cozy lobby. The rooms are spacious and fully equipped.

During the networking event, the focus was of course networking, and we had many appointments to meet both existing and new partners. Piece by piece, valuable conversations. These consultations, appointments were organised in the meeting rooms. Water was constantly refreshed during the meetings and good and delicious breaks were provided.

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We don't say it often! This hotel knows how to cater. Over delicious and everyone's dietary needs and allergies were well considered. Tasteful!

Red Stag

The opening night was catered at the Red Stag! A beautiful venue even located next to the hotel. So you didn't really need a coat if you were already warmly dressed in February. Above all, a special venue as it was once a baroque palace with a beautiful garden. Over the years, the location became a bank with the special garden being swallowed up by the bank and later department stores and offices. The garden became inaccessible.

So today, this is where Red Stag sits! A particularly beautiful restaurant, where the old baroque can still be found, which has also gone with all the influences over the years. Currently, it mostly gives off an industrial feel, where hospitality and tasteful dining prevail.

Games were organized during the evening, making the opening night an ideal start to the networking event.

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Networking experiences!

Prague is a feast for the eyes and a must-visit for everyone. The city really offers something for everyone and has special locations, sights, and hidden secrets! So we were able to choose from the wide range of no fewer than 8 activities. These could be booked in advance:

1) A private backstage tour in one of the most beautiful theatres in the world. Guests received a private performance by the Czech national orchestra. Closely associated with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a glass of champagne had to accompany it, of course!

2) Explore the city with Easy E-scooters. A fun and sustainable way to explore the city and discover the sights. The guides took participants past Prague Castle, Strahov Monastery and Charles Bridges. Of course, there was a little surprise here and there in the tour.

3) A boat tour could not be missing from the Prague activity program. While enjoying various drinks and snacks, participants glided along the city. Prague also calls itself "Venice of the North" but yes, we Dutch obviously disagree! After all, that's Amsterdam.

4) One could also participate in a beer tasting. For the real beer lovers, guests delved into Prague's 500 years of beer history. And yes, Pils or Pilsener comes from Prague, of course.

5) An Absinthe workshop to learn how to make the infamous and famous liqueur yourself! And of course, Absinthe is quite healthy.

6) And did you know that dumplings come from the Czech Republic? We certainly didn't, but for the cooks among us, there was a lovely cooking workshop organized and talked about the tradition of Czech dumplings.

Creators of Live indulged in history, culture, and religion. A unique and exclusive visit at the Strahov monastery. Normally you can get to a certain part of the monastery, but not to the rooms where centuries-old books, art and religion were collected. An impressive visit became the result, sometimes breathtaking and surprising. After visiting the monastery, we walked back past beautiful sights and views of Prague.

The final evening at the Rudolfinum

In the evening, we visited the beautiful Rudolfinum. The Rudolfinum is an old concert hall in Prague and can be booked for exclusive events, tonight we were its guests. Thanks to Quix Events' good grooming and once again great catering, we had a special evening on the program. The evening was opened by a reception drink with small amuses. Followed by a seated dining in the main hall. The evening was opened by electric violinists and a beautiful light-mapping show. After dinner, a real live band was on hand, the perfect ingredients for a wonderful evening of dancing.

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Your event in Prague or elsewhere?

During The Meetings Space, we again gained plenty of knowledge, inspiration, and creativity for eye-catching events. We experienced the possibilities in Prague, but also learned plenty of inspiration and ideas all over the world. Grateful for this opportunity and the valuable connections.

A special incentive in Toronto? Or a completely sustainable incentive in Copenhagen? Enjoy the Spanish Horses in Vienna or go to Barcelona, but stay at the luxurious W Barcelona? Tips and ideas abound which we try to summarize during our brainstorming sessions.

But of course, we help you for the perfect organization of your events, incentive, meeting or offsite and of course your (brand) experiences. Nothing like making your brand or company story come to live!

We create live!

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Inspired? Interested? Awakened? Wondering what we can do for you? Would you like to organize a special live event? Can we make your story come to life? Want to spar or get acquainted? Contact us or schedule an appointment. We hope to speak with you soon.