Organize the New Year’s event online or live?

The new year, 2022, is fast approaching and by now we are used to the uncertainty surrounding the measures. The annual New Year’s reception is therefore not to be missed. Creators of Live thinks along with you for an impactful and surprising New Year’s event, both online, hybrid and live!

In this blog we share with you our inspiration for getting your new year off to an effective start. Transform your traditional kick-off event into a new event design, fitting within the applicable measures. Connect your team with effective online team building events. And connect with your relations through exciting event design concepts for your New Year’s reception. Online or Live? Creators of Live for exclusive, high end event design plans.

The Kick Off Event in an online format.

With your entire company, employees and your team, strategically kick off the new year with an online kick off event. Feeding the eyes, stimulating the senses and without shaking hands, still connecting.

At Creators of Live we know the possibilities of your own live stream studio. From here we present the new vision, strategy and mission of your company. The program is divided with different speeches. Of course a select number of speakers can be present at the livestream studio, to increase the interaction we bring in speakers and colleagues through our connection. This way their contribution to the kick off event reaches all colleagues!

In addition, we know several creative partners who support us in creating the best result for your company and your colleagues. Creators of Live advises and writes the entire program and script if desired.

The New Year reception 2022 is different again.

Nothing connects like music and magic. Together with our creative partners we put together a special livestream studio for your company. The branding is eye-catching and the content of your program, catchy and impactful. During the New Year’s reception you invite your employees and associates to toast the new year together. Several speeches are given and the participants are connected. Interaction at the highest level and even request your own music. Learn the best magic tricks from our magician. And virtually toast the start of a new year. “The good intention? After the first quarter we go back to live!”, that would be great!

Online teambuilding events

While sparring, we discover various inputs for creative and awesome online team building events. Now that Christmas and New Year’s are behind us, we start the new year with energy and purpose. With extensive expertise in the online field Creators of Live creates and designs innovative online team building events together with our creative partners. For example, it is possible to organize a New Year’s drinks party with a beautiful exclusive, high end drinks package. Play the interaction team quiz, in style of the new year with a joint toast moment. And find out more about your colleagues at the same time. Or as old as it gets, play the virtual team bingo. Not with numbers and balls, but interactively with intimate questions about your colleagues.

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Make your online event memorable during the New Years period with Creators of Live. We create live!

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Exclusive, high end online new year!

You start 2022 energetic and impactful with Creators of Live. Although the measures leave little room for physical live events, we think along in your online event design plans.  We help you with the entire process of registering participants, sending confirmations, following up with teaser videos to get in the right mood and the guidance online during the online New Year’s event. This way your attention remains on the content and we start the new year in co-creation. Exclusive, high end and above all motivating for a special 2022.


Inspired? Interested? Awakened? Wondering what we can do for you? Would you like to organize a special live event? Can we make your story come to life? Want to spar or get acquainted? Contact us or schedule an appointment. We hope to speak with you soon.