Organize the ultimate live experience!

Creators of Live is a creative consulting and organizing firm for lifelong memories, or Live Experiences. Organizing a lifelong memory is all about attention to detail. A luxury wedding or exclusive brand experience, it’s all about the story behind the brand or bride and groom. Creators of Live understands this like no other, therefore 7 questions and 7 tips!

The added value of Live Experience.

It’s 2020, the agenda of every event planner is tense and packed. After the financial crisis the numbers were finally growing through the roof again. It was supposed to be the best year ever. Unfortunately, that did not come true and the overflowing agendas emptied in no time. What we thought would only last a few months, the virus has now held the world in its grip for 2 years.

The switch to online events was made and working from home became the norm. The economy changed completely. This change causes us to look at the world and life differently. Events are being given a different look, namely Live Experiences. The key? Attention, attention, attention from intrinsic values: love, interest, respect and success!

7 tips for the ultimate Live Experience!

Organizing the ultimate live experience starts with these valuable tips. Organizing alone is no longer the goal, it’s about a genuine experience; a lifelong memory and incitement to (behavioral) change!

The answers to the questions below will give you the ingredients for designing exclusive, high end events; live experience!

  • ·        What is the goal of your live experience or live event? Formulate the goal and translate it into one catchy sentence. Make the message short and powerful so it sticks with your guests or target audience.

    ·        What is the story behind your brand or you as a couple? Tell your story to the organizer and let him/her translate it into the Event Design. The favorite colors, the brand values, your hobbies, your personal or organizational preferences, where do you set the bar? Let this be reflected in the Event Design, as if you were decorating your own home.

    ·        Who are you organizing this live experience for? What are the expectations? A live experience is very broad, from an exclusive brand experience to a wedding and from a congress to a kick-off event or incentive. A live experience is possible for every target group, so it is good to clearly map out who the invitees or visitors are. What do they have in common? Where do their preferences lie? What do they like?

    ·        Should they pay for your event or are guests invited? Are you asking for an entrance fee? If so, be aware that you are raising the threshold to your event. Does this fit with your target audience? Match these answers with previous answers and research what is feasible for them. Are your guests invited? Does the invitation fit your target audience? Surprising, Out of the Box or just very approachable, yet an extremely luxurious look? A digital invitation is easily made, but a surprising tangible approach might better suit your guests.

    ·        What degree of inclusiveness, sustainability and social impact do you achieve with your event? Polluting parties are a thing of the past! Do you do this? If so, this mainly degrades your brand value. A compensation for the CO2 emissions is at least to be realized.

    ·        What is the desired change that you want to give your guests or visitor? A live experience is really successful if it is appreciated as a lifelong memory or if your guests or visitors actually change their behavior. For both it is important to formulate your goal clearly from the beginning and make it measurable. Afterwards you can then easily determine whether the desired result was achieved.

    ·        Turn your visitors into co-creators and let them give input for the program. Live experience is about the experience, make it more exclusive and personal. A live experience is about attention. Therefore, ask your visitors to give you tips, preferences and ideas prior to their visit. This makes it possible for you to adapt the content of your event to the needs of your guests. After all, your guests are the main part of your live experience.

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Bonus tip: answers formulated?

Once the answers are formulated then slowly what exactly you are going to organize comes into focus. It is important to make the right choices. Choices that all complement the ultimate live experience. Couple this with the perfect location, the magical decor, style and develop from the most creative process. Is your goal to change the behavior of your guests? Then include your guests in this whole change. Is your goal to create a lifelong memory? Then make your event surprising and enchanting, perhaps the game of illusion? We know how to do it.

Creators of Live is een creatief advies en organisatiebureau voor live communicatie en live evenementen. Dit doen we zowel in Nederland, naar exotische bestemmingen en daartussenin. Door onze exclusieve, gastvrije en uiterst creatieve aanpak maken wij ieder evenement tot een blijvende herinnering, waarbij verwachtingen worden overtroffen.

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To each his profession, for you the greatest convenience!

Creators of Live is a specialist in highly creative advice and organization. Together with an exclusive and high end network we build sustainable live experiences. What are the possibilities? Limitless. The destination? National or international. Our network consists of reliable and exclusive partners who share our vision and passion for exclusive, high-end events. Together, we know how to get you involved.

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