Organize an incentive; why and what do you pay attention to?

The incentive is a reward. This can be in the form of a trip or international event. Think of an outing or event after achieving a reward or combined with a company anniversary. An incentive is also a powerful tool to connect employees to your organization, both existing and new staff. Although you need to pay attention to a couple of regulations, these regulations apply in The Netherlands.

Incentives are popular!

Incentives are very popular. Together with your team, employees and staff members you connect by experiencing a unique experience. A well-organized incentive leads to better team performance and better results regarding the set goals within organizations. In addition, companies that work with special incentives are enormously popular with young, talented job seekers.

What do you pay attention to?

However, there are conditions attached to an incentive. There are a number of laws and regulations that you should take into account, such as the work-related costs scheme and the Package Travel Directive. A reputable consultancy and organization firm can help you with this. To increase the impact of incentives, you need to stay in touch with your team or employees; you can do this by using an app and live communication. The work-related costs scheme and package travel directive are mainly conditions and regulations that you have to deal with as a company in the Netherlands or Europe.

The work-related costs scheme

When is an international incentive or conference trip considered a study trip? And when is it considered ‘fun’? The work-related costs scheme is a scheme whereby internal events with a fun character fall under a new tax regime. When is a study trip considered a study trip? International events that meet business criteria and content fall outside the scope of the work-related costs scheme. However, the tax authorities do not set specific criteria. In general it can be understood that this applies to highly businesslike events, whereby the communication is also businesslike. This usually concerns events that are short-lived and often non-binding in nature for the participants. For events with a social character, the Secretary of State states that this may be regarded as predominantly business-related. In that case, there is a targeted exemption for travel and accommodation expenses.

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Guideline Package Travel

The Package Travel Directive has changed considerably in recent decades. When you, as an event agency, offer a combination of travel services you need to take care of insolvency guarantee. This applies to bankruptcy of the organization and that the organizer is responsible for repatriation. We speak of a package trip when several travel elements such as hotel, flight and activities are combined. This applies to private travel or events as well as to business meetings, both at home and abroad. You can find more information about this under


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App & live communication.

To enhance the experience of the incentive, the use of an app and live communication is essential. This way, you not only ensure that the team and the employees get involved and connect with each other at an early stage, prior to the incentive. But you also make sure that targets are met and that there is more to be done during the incentive. With an app you make it possible to extend the experience, before and after. Through the app you can keep the team informed of important details, motivate them to score and provide pop-ups for meetings, both online, hybrid and physical. Through live communication such as a memo on the intranet, print and tangible communication, you make the surprise element for a special incentive even greater.

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Organizing an incentive, study trip or congress?

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