Sustainable incentives & events are hot!

For the second time, Creators of Live was invited to participate in M&I Forums’ special networking event. This time in Porto. The special city in the North of Portugal became the stage of this networking event that lasted no less than 4 days.

Above all, the event brought us a lot of knowledge and inspiration. Sustainable destinations to organize events internationally. Even destinations that guarantee to be completely climate neutral.

Jacco Verschoor gained the knowledge and likes to share it in this blog.

Sustainable: Hip, Trendy and a MUST!

Let’s start to change the stigma around sustainability for once. Where I go or stand people share the goat’s wool socks stories, post the fussy tea cups and one is not yet in a giant vintage sweater while it is 30 degrees. That has everything to do with your life choices, but not sustainability!

Sustainability is cool, hip, trendy but mostly a must. Everywhere we notice that resources are starting to run out, we see that reflected in our wallets. An energy crisis is looming. And still we doubt together whether we should make the improvements. There is resistance. But that resistance is soon gone when we tell you it’s about making conscious choices.

The Baltic States

Do you know all 3 of them? The Baltic States, yes next to Russia. Each a beautiful destination with a unique and own identity. And did you think; if you have seen 1 you have seen the others? No there are essential differences. After all, you go to Belgium, don’t you?

With their capitals, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are known to be among the most progressive and green destinations. The countries are safe, the environment is green and wooded, beautiful coast and plenty of impressive buildings. For your green event, we can recommend all 3 Baltic States!

Live is green; in The Baltic States.

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Scandinavian Countries

During the various networking events in Seville and Porto, among others, we got to learn about the Scandinavian Countries. They are “bold” for the wallet, but once experienced? Then you won’t want anything else. A high degree of cleanliness and hospitality is combined with extremely sustainable venues.

And yes, Lapland also falls under the ranks of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland. The expertise we have gained is boundless and by using the right contacts, we know how to turn every event into a lifetime memory, where you directly give an impact back to nature. 

For Scandinavia, we care for future generations.

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The maverick of the Scandinavian countries. We call her that. The country where all structures of the earth come together, where you find all types of weather and where, above all, you become one with nature.

Our top 1 favorite and the most sustainable and green destination there is as far as we are concerned. Leader in the field of event fully circular organization, with preservation and love for nature and the land. A clear example of how together we pass on the earth for future generations.

For a life-changing experience that will stay with you forever.

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Sustainable is hot, so from now on your live event will be even hotter!

Creators of Live is a creative consulting and organizing agency not only for exclusive, high end events worldwide. Precisely also the agency that ensures on a high quality and intensive hospitality level to advise and guide you to make the right sustainable choices. Together we contribute our share to a better future.

As a flexible organization, we use our global network for the perfect organization of your event.

For example, we recently managed to give an event extra strength by having participants plant trees in the woods near the event venue in France.

And we managed to surprise over 600 congress participants with a “Beneficiary Activity” during a congress in Prague with the aim of supporting refugees from Ukraine.

Want to know what we can do for your corporate or private event? How your event can achieve the absolute WOW? When your event fits into today’s goals?


Inspired? Interested? Awakened? Wondering what we can do for you? Would you like to organize a special live event? Can we make your story come to life? Want to spar or get acquainted? Contact us or schedule an appointment. We hope to speak with you soon.