Tips for a more sustainable Live Event

Creators of Live is a creative consulting and organizing agency for exclusive, high end events. We do this through our strong expertise in Live communication and Live events. From our core values we feel the need to make sustainable choices.

We make these sustainable choices as early as the conception and drawing up of the Event Design plan. In this article we would like to share some tips on how to make your event more sustainable. Of course, these are not only the standard tips regarding catering, venue or choosing other transport options.

In this blog we would like to inspire you to think about your next event. How will you make it even more sustainable?

Keep your event local.

It can be a trade-off to make your event more sustainable. Host the live event locally, close to home. This way you support the local entrepreneur. However, it is still important to make clear agreements with the venue; how to deal with waste, what to do with catering that is left over, is the catering a healthy choice for guests, etc.

Let your guests come but stimulate them to carpool or travel by public transport. At each event, consider reducing waste as much as possible to circular products such as recyclable badges and keycords.

Make not only your employees, but also your guests aware!

Hosting your sustainable event starts with your choices. Once the organization starts it’s also about the staff and vendors during the event. Let your staff and vendors know that conscious choices were made for this event. That the conscious choices you have made also apply during the event.

The same applies to your visitors, because it is important that they help you in keeping your event sustainable. If you propagate the sustainable message of your event, the commercial message will have more impact.

Not only will you ensure that your guests help you, but you will also prevent the urge to simply cancel. Especially if you dare to introduce a penalty for last minute cancellations from a sustainable consideration.

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Connect a charity to your event.

Your event will only be truly sustainable if it gives something back to society or the world. So, it is nice and sensible to link a charity to your event. You can choose to support a local cause or a cause that fits the vision of your organization.

Is your organization young and dynamic? Support a project that is committed to the new generation. Is greening part of your mission? Then think about supporting a foundation active in the rainforest and thus reducing C02 emissions.

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Change the game and make your live event sustainable!

We are mainly talking about live events here, however, there is also a big profit to be made with online and hybrid events. As a creative consulting and organizing company we like to think along to make your event sustainable.

If we all work together, sustainable events will soon be the standard. While at this moment, this is still often unique. And don’t worry, a sustainable event certainly doesn’t have to be boring or sober at all!

Curious about our creative interpretation of your event? How do we turn your event into a sustainable experience? We would be happy to advise you.


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