International events: worldwide that is!

Creators of Live is a creative consulting and organizing agency for live communication and live events. We do this worldwide, at home or to exotic destinations and in between. You have us for the total organization with mediation for travel and hotel, but also for a part of it. Often our clients have their regular travel team or travel partner on board. Then it is nice to arrange tickets and hotel directly through central purchasing.

Creative advice and organization for your international event at the destination? In your own country with international guests or to a destination where all participants come together. Whether it is an exclusive board meeting or summit, whether it's about connecting your employees or just a product launch or brand experience locally.

Over 15 years; we do not shy away!

Over 15 years of experience in the international events and hospitality industry does not scare us away from unique challenges. We already organized a unique client cocktail event on a luxurious Parisian rooftop. We provided a networking event in Berlin with an urban vibe as part of a conference. And we brought together different stakeholders of a multinational during an exclusive private dining event in Dubai. Travel to the destination was arranged by the regular travel partner, and we took on the ultimate event as our challenge!

Creative, Exclusive or Sustainable? No sameness.

Creators of Live works from the core values, love, interest, respect, and success. In doing so, we always go for a unique Event Experience Design plan. Considering the wishes and experiences of all stakeholders. Be it exclusive, sustainable, classic or a combination thereof. Give us the ingredients and frameworks to work with. We delve into the question, find the underlying cause of it. Turn into chameleons so that the corporate identity or brand comes to life. And present an ultimate international event plan, again and again and always unique!

Organizing an international event? We are here for you!

Organizing an international event, the airfare and hotel is still doable. How do you get that sparkling and astonishing venue, where do you find that ultimate sustainable partner and how do you make the event better than the last one?

Creators of Live works from with Global Event Management approach. We know our exclusive partners, work daily with the most diverse organizations, and know how to score on quality! We give you the focus on the guests, spar with you on the content and make sure that nothing will be lacking on site. Where? You name it, no challenge is too crazy for us!

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