Opening or anniversary party: a reason for a celebration.

Just purchased new premises? Are you moving into new business premises soon? Celebrate it big with an opening party. Does your company have a wonderful anniversary to celebrate? 10, 15, 25, 50, 75 years or maybe 100 years and Royal? The anniversary party of all times, that requires a creative interpretation.

During an opening party or anniversary celebration, the organization is quite a challenge! We ensure lifelong memories, the ultimate experience and above all a mega-success for your special milestone!

The anniversary party of all times!

Are you planning an anniversary party? Not just any party but the party of all times? Especially for your 10, 15, 25, 50 75 or the royal 100 years? At Creators of Live it's all about the ultimate experience, a lifetime memory. Both for the company, the employees, and all guests.

We organize anniversary events in varying numbers from 50 to 1000+ guests. From a business reception to an open day, where everyone is welcome. Creators of Live thinks along in standard event concepts, but also develops high-quality renewed Event Design plans. The goal: a lifelong memory for every guest!

An opening party without doubts

The opening of your company or the new business premises. An opening party or opening event is not only great fun but can also contribute to your company's brand awareness. By applying our creative advice and concept trajectory, we develop exceptional Event Design plans.

A plan for your opening party that cannot be missed! Without doubts, that is! Creativity, attention, and impact are central to a unique opening event; from a standard party night to a family day or be surprised by our creative concepts, with the goal of a lifelong memory for every guest.


The anniversary weekend, never to be forgotten!

No large numbers, but invite only exclusive guests? Guests, Relations or Employees, those who contribute to the success of your company. With an anniversary weekend you realize not only a lifelong memory but also a lasting experience with your relations and guests.

Creators of Live understands the appreciation you like to give back to your guests. They are the pillars your business runs on whether they are employees, dealers or clients. You organize an anniversary weekend exclusively, high end for the guests who add value to your organization. An unforgettable and surpassed experience is then all that matters!

The formula for your opening or anniversary.

Creators of Live thinks in creative event design concepts and we love to execute them! Not only is it our goal that your event becomes a lifelong memory, but we also like to establish a lasting relationship with you. Sustainability is reflected in all our event plans! Not for nothing is our formula: Attention, Experience, Creativity, Sustainability and Exclusivity.

Sparring about your opening party or anniversary weekend? Let's start at the beginning, an introduction.

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