Incentives: connecting, rewarding, and motivating.

Step into a seaplane and make a unique city tour over Dubai or become one with nature and discover one of the oldest coffee and cocoa plantations in Suriname. Stay in a beautiful luxury and environmentally conscious 'pod' at 1,400 meters altitude or make it extra challenging by surviving in Mallorca's Tramuntana Mountains. From Dubai or Suriname to Mallorca or Paris. Whatever the destination be overwhelmed by our unique experience design for special incentives. Are you ready to step in?

Incentives that touch!

A stimulation, heart to heart, team building or reward for smashing company goals? Incentives or incentive trips are an unforgettable incentive for any organization. At Creators of Live, we focus especially on that bit of unforgettable. No simple ticket, basic team outing or joint bite to eat outside the door, but groundbreaking, cross-border and boundary blurring in the most positive sense of the word. Our setting for all unique, exclusive incentives? The entire world!

Incentives with the world as a backdrop!

From Dubai to Suriname: with the world as a backdrop, the possibilities are endless. Even that does not emphasize our unique concept enough. We translate your request into a unique Experience Design for a special incentive. The goal? Exceeding expectations!

From the most exclusive experience to sustainable experiences that connect with your brand or organization. Be surprised in beautiful Paris, where art, fashion, and gastronomy merge into the daily life of the Parisian. Discover pristine and extraordinary nature in a welcoming, sustainable and overwhelming Iceland. Explore the forests of the Baltic States and fresh ingredients for delicious gastronomic experiences. Or step with us into the world of 1001 nights in culturally rich and truly special Oman.

Prefer breathtaking yachts, Formula 1 and the exclusivity of Monaco? Or discover the blue zones in the Mediterranean Sea on the luxury island of Ibiza? Dreaming rich with an exclusive helicopter tour in Hong Kong? Or high mountains, stunning nature, The big five and penguins during an adventure incentive in South Africa. Or experience a movie set in Los Angeles with its beautiful white beaches, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, Walk of Fame, and Sunset Boulevard.

Did we shout something about endless and limitless?
One more time then! We go far beyond limits.

Creators of Live opens doors where others leave them closed.

In collaboration with our international exclusive partners, we open doors where others leave them closed. This knowledge and expertise are reflected in all our services. For example, we recently opened the doors of Abbey Road Studios in London for an exclusive experience in the skin of The Beatles, Spice Girls, Sam Smith, and Adele. Creators of Live discovers, pioneers and treads wild paths for a successful experience, a lifetime memory! We do this from our values: love, interest, respect, and success!

A lifetime memory starts you here.

Have you already started dreaming? Do you already have a special incentive program for your employees and/or relations? Would you like to spar about the possibilities for that ultimate lifetime memory? A crowning achievement of your targets for your employees? Whatever the reason, we are here for you!

Our team is eager to surprise you with creative plans, special proposals and a lifetime memory, where expectations are exceeded. Are you ready for an impressive event or incentive? Start your experience with an introduction!

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