Teambuilding: motivate, reward, connect

A teambuilding can be part of an incentive, but it can also stand alone. Creators of Live helps you organize a teambuilding and organizes an appropriate interpretation. This can be in your own country or internationally depending on the location of your team, staff, or employees. A teambuilding is often seen as an internal event and besides the activity can be extended with a meeting, hotel accommodation, conference, or trade fair participation. Depending on the wishes and frameworks given to us.

Why a team building?

There are several reasons why organizations organize a team building for their employees. This depends entirely on the corporate identity of the company. Reasons that are central for a team building can be: connecting, togetherness, motivating, rewarding, developing competencies, increasing productivity or just to support the corporate social responsibility.

When placing a request for a teambuilding nationally or internationally, it is important to have a clear goal for the teambuilding. The teambuilding can be part of an international event, a trade fair, or congress participation, you could get more out of the teambuilding by linking a meeting or private dining to it, or do you extend it to the complete organization for an incentive event or incentive trip?

We are bubbling with ideas for your team building.

There are over 1001 options offered for company outings and team building online. Still, we always think it's best to select something unique for your employees. For example, a pastry workshop by a celebrity chef in Paris or developing your own fragrance with the former director of L'Oréal's laboratory. Head to Madrid for the ultimate private experience at Restaurant Le Botin or immerse yourself in authentic flamenco. Have breakfast with an Emirati in Dubai and get a workshop on cultural differences. Or brace yourself for an Eco-Challenge in Brussels and do not forget to taste that delicious Fair-Trade chocolate.  Plant trees in the forests of the Baltic States or go pick fresh mushrooms and ingredients and make your own vegan dish led by a vegan chef. Or organize a CleanUp where it really makes an impact, like in The Gambia. Our team is bubbling with special and memorable ideas for your team building.

A teambuilding to remember.

Team-buildings are essential in any organization. They contribute to workplace togetherness, increase mutual connection, make teams stronger and ensure productivity growth. Teambuilding works not only for one permanent team but also when multiple teams need to work together on a long-term and intensive project.

Creators of Live knows exclusive partners nationally and internationally to organize unique team building activities. Quality partners, sustainable partners and highly creative angles is the tool we work with. Make your teambuilding memorable, start with an introduction.

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