Hola Madrid: for your incentive or event.

Madrid is the capital and the largest city in Spain. The city is the 4th largest city in Europe and has many possibilities for your incentive or event in Madrid. Creators of Live is a consultancy and organization agency for live events and live communication, we do this worldwide.

A unique experience in Madrid is not only about the Flamenco or Tapas but can be seen in many different ways. For those going to Madrid for the first time, the Flamenco is of course a must-visit. If you have been there before, there are many unique and special experiences that are just that little bit different.

When you organize an incentive in Madrid it is recommended to take 3 to 4 days. This gives you enough time to really experience the city. Are you organizing an event? Then it depends on the character of the event. Whatever it may be, in Madrid we will immerse you in the Spanish Magic.

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Creative walk through Chueca.

During your incentive in Madrid go off the beaten path. In this tour led by David, we step into the diverse and vibrant neighborhood of Chueca. The district is known for its wide variety of boutique stores, galleries, theaters and in the evening its variety of bars and clubs. In addition, this is really the district where most of the artsy people of Madrid live and/or work. During the walk we will take you along the various sights and dive deep into Chueca. Where the anecdotes, facts and fine stories come to you. Together with David we open some galleries especially for you. Where the art will take you into creativity, emotion and provoke thought. Nothing is standard and this unique tour is sealed with a delicious drink with tapas at one of the special hotspots. Have you ever been to a fashion designer's studio? Today you might be in luck!

A location with a special story

We work together in Madrid with an exclusive partner, they manage several unique locations in Madrid for meetings and events. The venues tell you a story both modern and deep in history. In one of the most prestigious streets of Salamanca in Madrid we find a special location. You can't see it from the facade, but once you step inside you go back to Golden times. The building was built by Francisco de Cubas in the 19th century and is located on the second floor with 5 balconies overlooking the street, Jorge Juan. A special location, perfect for meetings, trainings, product presentations or a private social drink. Of course, we take care of this with one of our fantastic Madrid caterers.

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Dine with a grandeur entourage!

Exclusive in Madrid? Well then come with us to the must-see restaurant in Madrid. Across from the aforementioned special location is the unique and special restaurant Amazonico. Once through the doors you imagine your way into the Amazon rainforest. A beautiful interior that leaves you in an intimate atmosphere. The interior was designed by interior designer Lazaro Rosa - Violan. And the menu is inspired by a fusion of Brazilian, Argentinian, Chinese, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine. And don't be surprised because you might just bump into the most famous people here. Cheers with a beautiful and delicious cocktail! Pure enjoyment.

An event or incentive in Madrid?

Creators of Live advises and organizes special live events and live communication worldwide. We build on a great international network, where we always get the unique places and special tips. We do this with and without our creative partners.

We travel and discover a lot, which enables us to constantly organize special events for our guests. We go to special places and discover great stories. If it touches us, then we mention it in our Limitless Experiences.

When organizing an incentive in Madrid, we know numerous options to make sure you experience a truly special experience. An experience that leads to a lifetime of memories! Is the Spanish market a godsend for your brand or product? We are happy to organize an exclusive product launch in one of the city's iconic buildings. Anywhere and always with impact, after all, we make your story come to live!

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Inspired? Interested? Awakened? Wondering what we can do for you? Would you like to organize a special live event? Can we make your story come to life? Want to spar or get acquainted? Contact us or schedule an appointment. We hope to speak with you soon.