Parfum a Paris: The Experience

You don't develop a passion. A passion comes without warning. It happens to you. Some develop a passion for experiences and creating memories. Others find their passion in marketing or sales. Still others find a passion in entrepreneurship, writing, hospitality... You never run out of ideas or thoughts about a passion.

In this first special limitless live experience, we introduce you to the passion of Sophie Irles. Her passion is about fragrances, stories with fragrances, emotions through fragrances, experience with fragrance. After several years at L'Oreal, Sophie became the head of Osmothèque, the international perfume conservatory. She developed training programs for companies and brands such as Chanel, Clarins, Coty and Dior and set up a collaboration with the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Thanks to one of our clients, we came into contact with Sophie and developed a special program for the marketing team. It was allowed to be exclusive, but above all it had to challenge new insights. Special, but stimulating creativity.

Parfum à Paris: The Experience.

We take you into the fashionable neighborhood of Le Marais in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. Formerly known primarily as the Jewish quarter. You will still find kosher restaurants here, but the district is best known for its diversity, class and unprecedented variety of art and boutique stores. That is where a meeting with Sophie awaits you. Step fully into this exclusive and special experience. An exclusive team building, but above all an unleashing experience for every guest. This experience aims to pull you out of the daily grind and thereby stimulate the creative part of your brain.

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Immerse yourself in the world of perfumes.

France is the land of perfumes, but how did this come about? During this team building experience you will be explained the history of perfumes. After all, you are now in one of the most beautiful places in the Le Marais district of Paris. You see the beautiful boutique stores around you, the Renaissance style buildings, where the history of perfumes comes alive for a moment.

Now that you know how France has become the land of perfumes. Let's move on to the creative part of this special team building experience. We focus on perfume design. Specially designed for teams where their creativity may be sparked. In the perfume design part, you will learn more about the inspirations of perfumers and creative teams. Trends in ingredients. Various methods to design a perfume and you will discover what a creative perfume actually is.

Similarly, we'll go through examples of perfumes that achieved worldwide success, both through the creativity of the fragrance and the marketing of the fragrance. And where successes are achieved, there are always fragrances that do not make it to global success. So experience the creative perfumes that did not achieve the expected commercial success internationally, did something go wrong there or does it not fit perfume?

Of course this is not a team building of just listening, but this way you will experience about 20 fragrances and ingredients, stimulating your emotions. And discover the deepest secret of the all-time favorite Chanel no. 5.

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Private Dining or Private Cocktail

Complete this experience with a scrumptious dinner or cocktail drink at basserie GrandCoeur. This stunning brasserie is located on a beautiful, cobbled courtyard in the Le Marais neighborhood. Enjoy an exquisite and flavorful dinner where the dishes are true works of art. The restaurant is run by chef Mauro Colagreco - he has 3 Michelin stars for his restaurant Le Mirazur in Menton (near Nice). 

A culinary evening at Brasserie GrandCoeur can be enjoyed both at the table in the brasserie, but there is also private dining in the restaurant. This more intimate and natural space can be privatized for an exclusive and special dinner for your party. This area of the brasserie feels like a garden that moves with the seasons.

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Passionate about Paris?

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Paris lets you enjoy its versatility. We know the roads in Paris and know where to go for a special experience. Would you like to organize your team building or incentive in Paris? A special board meeting or private dining? Are you looking for a dependable partner for your congress or the support of your congress? Or are you launching your new product in Europe's city of lights?

Whatever your story may be? Tell it to us, we will make your story come alive with passion.


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