Global Event Management

Creators of Live is a creative consultancy and organization agency with expertise in (brand) experiences and live communication. For this we build on over 15 years of experience for various organizations within the events and hospitality industry. In recent years we continuously built on our knowledge and network and realized various ultimate experiences within the MICE sector: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events.

Creators of Live strives for the perfect experience, lifelong memories, and unprecedented emotions. We exceed expectations and build exclusive (brand) experiences. We do this worldwide with our partners and suppliers. Together we stand for that ultimate experience: live.

The exclusive (brand) experience, a priceless memory

Our events go worldwide, from Hong Kong to New York and from the Benelux to South Africa. Exclusive (brand) experiences, each with a unique and individual character, tailored to your brand story or corporate identity. As a creative consultancy and organization agency, we conjure unique Event Experience Design plans for priceless memories.

Creators of Live develops, conceives, and creates unique Event Experience Design plans for special brands, small and large organizations, and special occasions with the world as a backdrop.

Where do you find the expertise in Global Event Management?

Creators of Live's expertise in Global Event Management can be found on all fronts, within the playing field of meetings, incentives, conferences, and events. From the simple yet secure work of finding and booking meeting venues, hotels, transfers, team building to the total creation and organization of your incentive, meeting, conference, or event.

You have us for support or for the total organization. Creators of Live understands that it must be right and therefore our core values are love, interest, respect, and success. An exclusive (brand) experience tells a special story which we like to realize in a priceless memory for every participant.

We build eye-catching unique experiences with love for the hysterical profession and for each participant, lifelong memories. Which contribute to every participant through unique venues, appropriate entertainment, "wow" effects and above all great organization!

Live Communication with Global Event Management

We do not skip the communication process around your events. We do this through our expertise in marketing and communications. Our passion for writing enticing texts, developing appropriate branding for the ultimate brand story or corporate identity and through this we turn your guests, target group or participants into real ambassadors. Fans, you might say.

From building an online registration website, to developing an app. The development of sustainable live communication, including banners, flyers and keycords. To thinking about interactive networking opportunities to connect your attendees with your organization or brand and each other.

We touch your participants with unique content, surprising entertainment, stimulating teasers and creative texts. We do not do this alone but together with our resolute and exclusive partner network.

Creators of Live is your one-stop-shop for Global Event Management.

Think of us as the extension of your event department or corporate event or the personal assistant or secretary. We offer are a 1001 and full-service organization for developing total experiences or the addition to make an experience complete. Together we realize an ultimate lasting memory where expectations are exceeded.

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