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Online events are - sometimes by necessity - hipper than hip. As Creators of Live events, we realize that sometimes it is no different. We know all the possibilities in the online world, so we also make online or hybrid business events an overwhelming success. The success of your online event is right in front of your nose. Go get it!

Online events: challenge or unforgettable success?

We are Creators of Live: live communication, live events and above all live success. Online events are totally different. Less interaction, no location or destination as a basis and the need for more concrete content create challenges. Challenges that Creators of Live will also make an unforgettable success online and hybrid. We see opportunities for online events, networking moments and team building to be extra powerful. How? Through our formula for success: the form and content of the communication perfectly match the goal and the result.

As a creative consultancy and organization agency, we work with a unique and intensive advisory process. We involve you at every step, working with our exclusive partners to translate your message into a perfect execution. Effectiveness comes first. Always! Thus, online events also become a lifelong memory for every participant.

Experience the success of online opportunities

The global pandemic has made online and hybrid events indispensable. Despite our far-reaching love of live, we are capitalizing on online opportunities to the max. What percentage of your organization makes working from home or remotely the default?

An additional advantage of an online or hybrid event is that it supports the total communication mix. This way, you no longer have to organize a live event as a "one-off" but can follow up on the unique live event through small online or larger hybrid events. This is especially a perfect addition when live events are all about connecting, inspiring and motivating. Thus, various online and hybrid events can be of additional added value during the incentive campaign or your brand experience.

Get to know a myriad of possibilities. Meet the unforgettable online events of Creators of Live!

Creative and extraordinary online event

Creators of Live advises in all possibilities to make your online & hybrid event a great success. To say that those possibilities are endless is an understatement. Trust us, our knowledge and our advice, and together we will ensure a lifelong digital memory for every participant!


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