Internal online event

Connecting remotely is the best online choice you can make business-wise. To support the event manager or event department of your organization, Creators of Live stimulates and connects the right parties for an internal online event.

An internal online event can serve as knowledge transfer, to present the new business strategy or to celebrate successes. During the pandemic, we embraced technology application in the event mix. While we have a passion and love for live events, an internal online event is a perfect sustainable addition for organizations where employees work remotely or from home.

Online Convening to Support Live Events

How many of your employees work from home or remotely? How many of your organization's employees work remotely? What is the ratio of working from home or working in the office? Should the message be delivered "in person" or can it be done online?

Online & hybrid events are a fine addition to the event mix. Online and hybrid events are the perfect complement to live events. Not only do online and hybrid events contribute to conveying information and strengthening corporate identity and strategy, but they are also often a sustainable addition.

Before the pandemic, a series of live events followed one another. Now, together - sometimes by necessity - we have embraced the technology for online and hybrid events, this knowledge and expertise is an ultimate addition to organize live events in a more sustainable and focused way.

In the news! Unique online event

Step into the shoes of 'CNN or the BBC' with management and develop your own talk show. An unforgettable online seminar where your company or organization shares knowledge about a research, topic or new business strategy with employees and stakeholders. This with a round table setting and from a beautiful studio, either at your location or in an externally equipped studio.

We advise you in gathering and deploying content on current projects, interactive infographics, polls, and questions. For a catchy script, we dive deep into (internal) communication, sales, marketing, job satisfaction and innovations. For example, we share the new corporate strategy or present the knowledge from a survey.

A talk show online can be used for multiple purposes. We often see this with large international clients, with employees abroad. We also help pharmaceutical companies and government agencies share knowledge about a topic or vision through an online event.

Your organization in the news! How special is that?!

Online workshops

With online workshops you hit different targets, but above all ironclad connection, engagement, competence development and boundless inspiration. What is your goal? What do you want to convey? Our fantastic trainers and coaches tailor each unique workshop accordingly. Some of the possibilities? Think of a workshop or course in online presentation, business drawing, cartoon strips, Loesje posters, online magic, or the New Zealand Haka Experience.

An internal online event: see it as cross-pollination

Using an internal online event can result in special cross-pollination from online to "in person. During an internal online event, there is not only a lot of sending, but also a lot of receiving through interactive polls, questions, and assignments. At the same time, this data can be made insightful again, to come back to at the next event or precisely in the communication after the event.

If the new business strategy with set goals is presented via an online internal event, it makes sense to link the information presented to the newly obtained information during the online event. Through an intensive campaign plan, you can then reflect this on multiple fronts within the organization. Even during an interim live event.

An internally targeted event

Creators of Live is a creative consulting and organizing agency for live events and live communication. We advise in the preliminary stages of an online event plan, where we take care of an entire campaign around the new corporate strategy or the knowledge from a particular survey. Of course, we can also take care of the organization of your online internal event or talk show.

With a creative, hospitable and above all accurate working method, we ensure that each event is organized successfully and build the entire process through a targeted campaign. Let us make your (online) event experience even greater; start with a no-obligation meeting.



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